Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

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97% Recommended
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Amazing Fresh Smell This perfume smells AMAZING! So fresh, crisp and clean smelling. It's not soapy like some perfumes can smell! It just smells sooo clean! It lasts all day long and a little goes a long way girls! It's pricey yes but I'm telling you splurge girl, you won't regret it!

Smells amazing I love this product! It smells amazing!! It has a light but definite scent, it works for all occasions. I highly recommend this. It's one of my favorites that I have.

Unforgettable This fragrance is absolutely my new fragrance. The hints of summer blended with freshness makes this an unforgettable scent. I love D&G Light Blue!

Nice, but not quite for me This is nice, and I bought the bottle. But now that I'm testing many more perfumes, I prefer other scents I've tried.

Sweet Whisper A wonderful, light, and unique scent. I stalked a woman at a conference to find out what she was wearing..... Light Blue. I've been buying it every since andy guy friends always want to know what I'm wearing. They like it. It never is overpowering. It's like a sweet whisper.

Light fresh clean I love this pefume I love the fragrance on my sweater. I just love it.

Staple item I feel this is a staple perfume every one should have in their collection. Very beautiful and light scent that's long lasting

I received a sample in my scentbox subscription and had to order a full size bottle! Last all day for me. If your looking for your signature smell i would highly recommend this one. Love!! Love!! Love!!

Recommend Smells so refreshing with a light fragrance. Do not need to use alot so bottle last long.

Pleasant and not overpowering. My all time favorite perfume. I keep buying this one perfume. I'm so picky about scents. It's has to be sublet but noticeable and it CANNOT be overpowering and nauseating. This one hits the mark!

Such a great gift for the ladies in your life I received this gift set from a friend for the holidays and it was a great present. The smell is fresh and light. Light Blue is one of my favorites for all times of the year. I would recommend it for any of the ladies in your life.

Pretty scent My best friends favorite scent. It's too sweet and light for me but smells very nice on her. I always have to try perfume on myself, it changes with my chemistry and smelling it off a swatch or on someone else doesn't give an accurate result on how it will smell on me.

I have been wearing this perfume for years, and have repurchased over 6 times. It is my favorite every-day perfume. I love it so much. I am 26 years old now, but the reason I started wearing it in the first place was because my cheer coach wore it when I was in 8th grade. (I know, I was a little young to be wearing perfume) But after I found out what she wore, I had to have it. 13 years later and it is still a staple of mine, and my mom and sister also bought some for themselves. It is a great, light scent. My dad is very sensitive to smells and he even likes it. I also work in healthcare, so I try not to wear anything too heavy or overwhelming, and Light Blue is the perfect perfume. I love how it mixes with everyone's personal scent, so it smells a little different on everyone. I cannot say enough good things about this perfume.

My signature scent. I'm sensitive to a lot of perfumes because I get headaches but this perfume is not overpowering at all.

Light blue Loved this great sent good for men or women in my the middle lasts forever would by this again