Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

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These warmers are just awesome! They smell so good!

I love scentsy!! they have so many cute warmers, and amazing scents!

Almost perfect in every way! Cannot wait to get my scents after my very first experience with Scentsy. The prices are so right for wickless safety in your home.

Scentsy Pumpkin Marshmallow is the best fall fragrance in the entire universe. I prefer the Scentsy flameless candles over their competition because the cubes are very strong and only need to be burned for about 30 minutes and the scent lasts for a long long time.

I used to be a Yankee Candle snob....until I discovered Scentsy. There are so many scents to choose from and so many beautiful warmers to collect! I love that I don't have to worry about getting soot on my hands from cutting wicks and that I can change the scent I'm using as often as I want.

I am a great fan of Scentsy because not only do they have a large variety of warmers and sizes, they also have a few diffrent type of THEMED WARMERS that give a percentage of EACH WARMER sold to the specific charitable cause..which is a great way to give back! Also did you know that now scentsy has a huge number of new scents, an entire body product and laundry line and also these cute little plush toys that a scent packet can be placed! I am very pleased with the products from scensty and I can trust them! I have never had a pushy or a rude sales rep and they are MY NUMBER 1 CHOICE FOR Wax scented Candle Alternatives!

Scentsy is like smell good heaven. They always have amazing smelling products. My aunt is addicted. I love them however there prices can be a little exspensive

I loved Scentsy so much that I started to sell it! The knock off products that can be bought at WalMart and other stores are no where close to comparable.

I love my Scentsy! I had never heard of it when I lived on the East Coast until I moved back to California. I loved it so much I became a Consultant to support my love for it, lol. The scent holds, and it saves you a LOT of money from buying candles and throwing away so much money on replacing them so often!

i love my scentsy burner. my 4 year old decided to stick his finger in it one day. and true to its word - he did not get burned. i love the designs they have. i would pay the extra over going to walmart and buying the better homes and gardens stuff any day

I own two Scentsy burners. One full size and one plug in. I do think that they are good quality products and I will wait till they are having a sale to stock up.Love their variety!

Since being introduced to Scentsy by a friend who was also a consultant, I stopped buying glades plug in's and yankee candles. Scentsy is so much safer than burning a candle, there is nothing to be lit. The wax is warmed by a light bulb. Its safe for children, they cannot get burned or start fires with it. One full size warmer can fill up a whole room. The plug in's are great for the bathrooms. I love the different scents and variety of warmers to chose from

I absolutely love this candle. The fragrance is amazing.

Their scents are amazing and last so much longer than other flameless waxes on the market. I do believe that all of their products are superior, though a little more pricey. You do pay a premium for better quality but I like being able to contact my consultant if I have a problem with a product. You do not have that same opportunity from a mass retailer.

Couldn't live without my Scentsy. I have one set to a timer so my house smells wonderful when I get home from work. There are so many fragrances I never get bored. I always love to try new scents! They are strong, and convenient, and much safer than candles. Invest in a Scentsy warmer, and they are much cheaper in the long run than candles too.