Progresso Reduced Sodium Chicken Gumbo Soup

Progresso Reduced Sodium Chicken Gumbo Soup

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Great Soup Chicken gumbo soup is one of my favorite Progresso soups. It's very flavorful and not too spicy. Progresso soups are very healthy.

Great soups! Low sodium but still tasty. My daughter likes to put goldfish crackers in her soup and go fishing!

Progressive Soup is my first choice but not at first I had to get use to the taste of it. Because I so use eating soup. With lot of salt. I just eat have of servings now. I got use to the low sodium soups now.

I'm not a huge fan of the Gumbo but I do like Progresso's approach to reducing the sodium!

This soup tastes nasty, and it could be heartier. Sea salt adds the flavor that is desperately needed.

I think if you are sick and not feeling good this would be great.. It was a bit too bland for me, and had to add some seasonings to it for taste.

Too bland has no flavor and sort of watery

super yummy, love the clam chowder soup, my favorite.

So far, I have not found any soups that I like by Progresso, to me Campbell's is the best!

I buy these soups for my husband, especially with reduced sodium...

Very good tasting & great for a lunch or meal starter.

Just looking at this picture makes me hungry!

Great taste without a heavy feeling afterwards. Low sodium ofter tasted like it's bland but not this....delicious!

I love all of Progresso soups, but the low sodium is even more attractive to me! Healthy and great tasting!!!

This was good but had to add a little sea salt to make it even better