Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Flouride Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Flouride Toothpaste

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I have used this toothpaste until I heard that it had something in it that can lead to cancer. Even if it is not true, I still want to stay away from things that have rumors spelled on them.

Works well but leaves a funny aftertaste that lasts for while and I didn't care for that.

Great product it whitens my teeth and it makes them stronger at the same time. my teeth were really yellow, and now they are just a little on the stained side. this toothpaste makes my teeth stronger and resists stains. it didn't whiten my teeth over night/ it took awhile, I think it would work faster if i used the mouth wash as well.

I love this toothpaste. Although for some reason crest toothpaste hurts my teeth if I use it for too long. Have to stick with colgate.

I do NOT like the texture of this toothpaste but it does seem to keep my coffee stains from coming back whenever I whiten my teeth with strips. I only grab a bottle of this to brush with after each time I've used whitening strips.

This is only a decent product for me. I don't feel the extreme cleanness feeling after brushing, and I don't notice my teeth getting much whiter while using it either. I've used it regularly for the past month and haven't noticed much difference.

The toothpaste is OK. Seemed to leave a bit of a bad taste after brushing. Probably not one I'd buy again.

This tooth paste gets the job done. It doesn't seem to offer much that other tooth pastes, including those in the Crest line, don't already offer. It's minty and foamy. I don't notice very much whitening.

Even for the price, I believe this product works well. Refreshing taste afterwards. Got my whole family using it now. :~)

great toothpaste........feels really fresh and clean everytime i brush and makes my teeth white....I have tried various toothpaste over the years that promise whitening...nothing worked until this one.....

I really do see a difference after using this product.It takes longer than the 5 days it says to brighten but once it starts to brighten you can tell.

I really noticed a difference after even a week of using this toothpaste, my teeth were noticably whiter and cleaner looking! The only drawback that i had was that my teeth seemed more sensitive when I was using it.

Great toothpaste. It leaves my mouth with an extra clean feeling and it actually whitens my teeth! Great go-to product!

I use Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Flouride Toothpaste with a sonic toothbrush, and these products deliver the stain and tartar fighting results that they promise. For people who have moderate to light staining from foods, coffee and even cigarettes, the results are visible in a week or so. The clean feeling lasts for a day or more. The price is reasonable and the product lasts a long time. This tooth gel is usually on sale at any major retail outlet, so it is not difficult to find two tubes for under $8 to $10. Couponers might do even better. There is one problem that is quite annoying. The paste is very thick and it hardens quickly. If the paste hardens, it is difficult to clean the cap area so that the cap will close tightly. If the cap is not tightly closed, a plug of hardened gel will have to be removed. This is extremely annoying and wasteful. Overall, I recommend this product for busy people who need to properly clean their teeth and gums of tartar and stain, but caution them to pay extra attention to cleaning and closing the attached cap.

I've been buying the 3D white toothpaste for a while now and have really seen a difference. I also use the 3D whitening strips, so that also has a factor in my white teeth, but the toothpaste really does act as a great kicker for the strips!