Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector

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I tried this product when straightening my curly hair with the blowdryer and flat iron. The scent was horrible (straight out of tube) and just got worse as I dried. This product changed the texture of my hair, in a very bad way. Thankfully, that was only temporary, after a good wash or two and deep conditioning treatment.

This smells horrid. It made me vomit. I didn't even keep it in for the 20 minutes because it made me so sick. And, the smell stuck in my hair for weeks. Upon rinsing it off, it stripped my hair color completely. This did absolutely nothing positive for my hair.

It smells horrible and it caused more split ends than when i didnt use anything on my hair

I don't think this product even deserves 1 star! Smells horrible, made my hair feel horrible, it only slightly cut down on my blow drying time, and overall made my hair shorter because it dried my ends so badly that I had to go get them cut off. I don't recommend at all. My hair is naturally wavy with a fine texture and tends to get frizzy...thought it would be perfect for me.

I do not recommend this product! The instructions say that it is safe to use on color treated, bleached, and permed hair as long as you do not use it 2 weeks before or after the other treatment. I have blonde highlights in my hair however my hair has always been very healthy and resilent. I used this product about 1 month after getting highlights and it turned my highlights into a fried mess! My hair broke off and was almost impossible to brush! It has been over a month since I used it and I am still dealing with the problems from using it! If you have color treated hair do not used this product!!

I love this product so far. Only on day two. I gave it 4 out of 5 because the smell is crazy chemically. Think perm solution so I assume it is a mild relaxer. My hair is super fine wavy curly and I have lots of it. Light blonde and I stopped coloring it a year ago. The box does specify Do Not Use on Chemically Processed Damaged Hair. Used as instructions specified exactly, and my hair was instantly easier to blow dry and straighten. Felt like a salon job. And I am terrible at straightening my own hair. Looks great the next day with just a five minute flat iron touch up. The initial process takes 20 minutes of treatment and a total hour to complete, wash to finish. But I give it a thumbs up.

The product smells horrible first off. I don't mean stinky like hair dye. It's like hair dye on steroids. 2nd it doesn't work. I have wavy thick hair and it made my hair break off and fall out by the handfuls. I blow dried my hair as per the instructions and my hair looked no different then it always does when I blow dry it except for it was slightly more frizzy since my hair had broken off. I wouldn't recommend this product.