Keurig Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System

Keurig Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System

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Keurig disappointment I bought my Keurig from QVC 4 yrs ago. It is the worst of their coffee makers. A normal sized coffee mug doesn't even fit under the brew spout. When I put water in it only takes one cup of water yet doesn't brew a cup of water. The water leaks into the drip tray. The brewer has to be filled twice to produce an adequate cup of coffee. I have to wedge a regular sized cup under the spout and it's very difficult to remove it even with the size insert removed. I am very, very disappointed in this model of brewer. I was really looking forward to using it. The size is really great for my small kitchen but sadly it's just sitting on my counter collecting dust. I use my drip coffeemaker instead.

This single-cup coffee brewer is really fast, but I like a big strong cup of coffee and this doesn't really hit the spot. If you like milder coffee and want it fast it's a pretty good system, but if you don't stick with your old coffee maker--it's a better bet!

Not worth it I've had 3 of these Keuring Mini Single Serve machines. I would get this one, since I was the only one that used it. They all worked good for a short time, then would start not letting water flow. I cleaned it like it said, looked online for reasons and solutions to the problem. Nothing seemed to work. Seemed like the pump was going out. I purchased another one, again the same problem happened. It's too expensive to keep replacing the machine every year.

The mini Keurig is great if you have limited counter space. Unfortunately mine stopped working after a few months. It was good while it lasted.

If want to buy a Keurig and have a small amount of space then I would say go right out and buy this model. I currently use mine in my classroom for my daily cup of tea as I am allergic to coffee. Saves you money when you skip the Dunkin Donuts drive thru! The only con is that you can only fit a regular coffee mug under the dispenser. I would rather that it was taller or height adjustable to fit travel mugs.

the product works well, just slow as all get out! By the time I've made a cup of Keurig coffee, my 12 cup machine is finished making the pot! Not a fan at all.

I love my Keurig and couldn't imagine not having one. But this mini Keurig to me seems like more trouble. You have to fill it after every cup you make and that's just too much work. Mines the big one and I can get about 6-8 cups out of it depending on my cup size. That's so much better than having to fill it up before each cup.

I love this coffee maker. It's perfect when you want a quick cup of coffee with no clean-up. It's also great for people who have different coffee preferences since each person can choose their own. My only complaint is that the pods can be pricey.

MMMMMMM I love having quick coffee! I wish this would make a bigger cup though

great for vacation I really like it, especially when you just want one cup of coffee. It brews fast and the coffee is great. The machine is small enough if you are traveling by car to take it with you to use in a hotel.

I love my Keurig. I love my Keurig. I only drink fresh coffee and with a Keurig that is what you get every time. The only downfall is the water tank could be bigger.

My hubs surprised me with one of these as a just because gift. I'd been talking about maybe buying one for a while but could never decide which one I wanted. He went ahead and got a great deal on this model and said he thought it would be perfect since I'm very simple when it comes to drinking coffee. Boy was he right!. While I wish it did cold brewing too, I'm completely happy with this model. It doesn't take up too much counter space so that's always a plus. My favorite thing is the little accessory to put your own coffee in so you don't have to waste money on those expensive pods. Over all I love it. Simple yet effective

I own one of these, and I am exceptionally happy to own this appliance. I purchased this to replace my 12 cup coffee brewer I had owned and used for years and I could not be happier with the change. I am happy to not be wasting the amount of coffee we had been before, sometimes it simply not feasible to drink 12 cups of coffee at a time. I would certainly recommend this to anyone else who enjoys well made coffee and a cost effective price point.

Love my Keurig. It's very convenient and so easy to use. Being the only coffee drinker in my house it's a great change and being able to brew one quick cup at a time means that I can always have hot coffee.

I really never even used my regular coffee maker at all then I got the Keurig and I definitely started to make coffee at home more. I like having just a small cup of coffee and find that most of the flavors of the coffees you can purchase are not overly strong.