Coca Cola Diet Coke

Coca Cola Diet Coke

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I'm not very fond of Diet Coke. It's a little too sweet for my taste.

It is disgusting. If you're going to "diet" then you might as well drink water.

I have had no choice but to drink diet soda and various drinks after being diagnosed almost 40 years ago as a Diabetic. That being said.. onto Diet Coke. Several years ago, they changed something in the recipie of this. It use to be drinkable from the perspective of someone that has aquired the taste for diet drinks, nowdays it is one of the nastiest things I could consume. Only time I bother to actually drink it is when nothing else is available and I want my carbonation. Otherwise I will not touch it nowdays. I only wish they would fix it. But then again, Honestly, it is any variety of coke product that taste horrible nowdays to be truthful.

Had to drink this at a cook out. Not a coke fan since I was younger. True Pepsi fan.

I do not care for Diet Coke at all. The aftertaste is terrible. I'd rather have a Diet Pepsi than to drink this stuff.

I've tried giving it a chance, but it's just not the coke for me, it tastes bad, I'll stick to regular coke, but I'll drink less.

Tastes terrible. Yuck!

This stuff absolutely makes me gag. It's always tasted like chemicals to me.

Although I am constantly watching my weight and my figure I cannot get over the after-taste. I use splenda and sweet and low etc.. People tell me you'll get used to the taste, but I never last long enough to do so. I just can't do it.

I love regular Coke, but Diet Coke (or any diet drinks) scare me. They are filled with artificial sweeteners that are known to cause all kind of health issues. Stay away!

Yuck! I dont like the taste at all. Coke Zero is better if dieting. Real coke is the best!!

Not a fan of the taste

Dont like diet soda not even coke.

Not my favorite coke product.

leaves after taste...