Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

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not my favorite

I thought since this is a popular peanut butter, that it would taste very good. Unfortunately, I thought wrong. I didn't care for it at all.

I have had a bunch of jars of these in the past, and its not the tastiest of the peanut butters I've tried.

With the recalls on peanut butters, I would only buy this brand. But, I am disappointed with the taste lately and the texture is off. I only buy now when on deep sale at the market.

a little sweeter than I like, but pretty good as peanut butter goes.

I love Jiff peanut butter it has great texture and a great taste ,the kids love it as well :-)

My youngest is a peanut butter junkie. He loves this brand more than any other. I like that the price is affordable and its east to spread and full of flavor. When I use this in my peanut butter cookies the flavor is amazing.

This is my second favourite peanut butter brand. Given the choice, I will always choose JIF. But this is a very good creamy peanut butter... not too much oil, and not too thick.

I love the real peanutty taste of this peanut butter. It spreads easily and tastes fantastic

One of my favorite peanut butter brands! Smooth and creamy!!

Yum! We go through peanut butter faster than our toilet paper! This makes the best peanut butter cookies!

Skippy is a great brand. This peanut butter is so creamy and delicious. I would recommend.

Great butter i was skeptical of trying this brand at first once i did it satisfied my tastes as all others it taste like peanut butter ( the kind packed with sugar and fat- not real peanut butter made with peanuts only)

Love skippy tastes great but it has a lot of calories compared to the natural stuff and tastes just as good.

taste is ok but it is really creamy