Dial Clean and Refresh Antibacterial Body Wash Mountain Fresh

Dial Clean and Refresh Antibacterial Body Wash Mountain Fresh

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I had just started using this body wash. It's a great body wash. Smells great and lathers nice.

Good price, smells great

This body wash is excellent and very reasonably priced. I love the scent of the Lavender and Twilight Jasmine. Also love that it is anti-bacterial, yet it doesn't dry out my skin. Wonderful product!

works great with a nice scent

I love "Dial Clean and Refresh" Antibacterial Body Wash. I tried the Mountain Fresh scent and was very pleased in the way that it lathered and rinsed off. I love the scent and would recommend this body wash to all.

I've used Dial body wash for years. This scent smells great and if you have acne prone skin the antibacterial properties help keep it under control.

I have really sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. Ive been advised by a doctor to only use dial antibacterial bar soap. Which i was kind of sad that i had to retire my body washes. :-( it wasnt so bad though because dial has so many new great scents to choose from in the bar soap. But then i found this bodywash it is the only one, including other dial bodywashes that didnt irritate my skin due to the antibacterial. Yeay! I can now bust out my loofahs once again and re enjoy my shower experience!

great smell

Love the smell! My hubby is an avid Dial user and loves this body wash!

Smells good. Leaves me feeling clean.

It makes you feel super clean and it smells great. It doesn't leave a residue like other soaps do. We have excema and it doesn't make it inflammed like other soaps do.

I have used Dial Body Wash for years-- The main plus for me, is that I have to cover an area on my skin with a bandage and Dial is the only one I have found that rinses clean enough for the tape to adhear and stay put. I love the many choices of scents and they keep coming out with new ones that keep it fun. Definantly my choice !

All of Dial soaps are excellet to use. You feel great and refreshed after using this product.

smells and lathers great.

I highly recommend this item. I have excema and i have had problems with lots of body washes. They seemed to irritate me and make my excema worse or just plain doesnt smell good or the smell is to powerful. But i am currently using this and love it. It lathers nice, smells great, and best of all doesnt make my excema worse.