Sinful Colors  Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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Hands down the worst nail polish I've ever used. It clumps and does not run smooth on nails.

Comes in a variety of colors and is inexpensive BUT the polish chips very easily. Some colors are harder to remove than others.

I love the colors but this polish is really low quality which means that it tends to chip within a few days.

For the price, was not on sale when I got it, the quality is seriously lacking. I have tried the polish with and without base and/or topcoat, from one to give coats and it chips and cracks so easily. I can't keep it in for over 20 minutes or so after complete drying. The colors are beautiful but cannot enjoy them on my nails considering the chipping and cracking. I will not be buying this product again and would not recommend it to anyone either. I gave it one star because a star rating seemed to be required to submit my review.

Misleading bottle, takes several coats to achieve right colr.

Cheap and it shows....chips so easy!

I received one as a sample. Hated the color. And it didn't last very long

This product has ample colors but, I had issues with it not being very strong. It was far to easy to chip.

Some of the polishes dry to a matte finish which is strange because they are not labeled as such. I would not recommend this nail polish because of its poor quality and lack of durability.

I absolutely love these colors, but the nail polish chips SO easily. I get very disappointed. It's very neon, bright, or beautiful colors but does not stay on for a long time! :/

Everytime I use this nail polish, regardless of how good of a base and top coat I apply, I find that it chips off very easily. I do not do much with my hands either (hard labor etc). Like the colors, staying power not so much.

I really like the color selection, but when it comes to quality I would not recommend this nail polish! It chips within days, if not hours of putting it on! I have tried everything to keep the polish on but it always chips! Even though the colors are great, I would not recommend this unless you would like to redo your nails 4 times a week!

The nail polish is affordable but requires multiple coats to achieve the wanted color. It chips and takes very long to dry. I believe there are better nail polish brands to buy from. I do not recommend this brand.

I love these for the simple fact they are cheaper then most. I like to switch my nails up all the time because I am a server. No matter the brand my nails constantly chip, so why not get the cheap stuff anyway, right? I also love the HUGE variety they have.

Sinful colors has a great line to choose from. Very vibrant colors. An shine. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.