Sinful Colors  Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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I have tried the Aqua Sinful Nail Polish! It dries super fast and it doesn't have a strong odor to it surprisingly. I did however dislike the amount of time it took to take the nail polish off when I was removing it but that was also due to the polish lasting a really nice amount of time so I guess the pro out weighted the con! This is a must try product if you are looking for a longer lasting polish. It also comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

SINFULCOLORS is usually in the $1.99 range and as a Zoya lover I usually don't purchase cheaper polishes. However a friend recommended SINFULCOLORS and I immediately fell in love. The polish is actually awesome and I can get it to stay on my nails for at least seven days. They have a wide range of colors including the pastel spring collection that I am LOVING.

I have more of these than I have of any other brand. I am a nail polish aholic and my husband loves to purchase these for me because of the variety of colors! I am currently addicted to their neon colors.

I find Sinful nail polish to be awesome, I have no problems with chipping, I find it lasts practically as long as my gel polish that is use with the led/uv light. The colors are amazing, the price is very affordable, and they are just about the only brand I will purchase.Oh and I forgot to mention the dry super super quickly . I paint my nails in front of the tv and within a few minutes it is dry. I love this polish

The price is very good for the quality! I would recommend this! (:

This is by far the best nail polish I've ever purchased. The bright neon colors don't stay on as long as the pastels and darker colors, but they last long enough for what you pay for. I've never wanted to spend more than $3 on a bottle of nail polish and this stuff is cheap AND lasts. Tons of colors to pick from as well.

LOTS of great colors at a very affordable price. I can never get out of the drugstore without buying one. The staying power for me is about 4 days . You can't beat the price and variety

Sinful Colors is one of my favorite brands of nail polish! I always get great application and fantastic wear time out of Sinful Colors. I love their wide array of colors they have to choose from and that it is such an affordable brand.

Im an avid sinful colors fan I own all there polishes sinfuls colors are so gorgeous and a must have

This is one of the best nail polishes that I have. They are very pigmented and look great on your nails. You can choose from many colors which stay on for a long time without chipping or fading. Really great price for such nice quality.

Amazing polish for the price.

Love the color.very affordable

I Love Sinful Colors Polish! The beautiful array of colors they have and the reasonable pricing have me hooked. I am an avid polisher, and like to change my color with my outfits so I use a lot of nail polish. These have long lasting staying power and rarely chip if I wear for more than a few days. I own at least 25 of these! I have a hard time getting out of the store without buying one or two..

I love the colors that Sinful Colors has! I love the price of this product as well. The polish is long-lasting and very rarely chips. I am a SAHM and I am constantly doing dishes, cleaning with sprays, and scrubbing, at 98% of the time it does not come off.. They have such cute names for the colors and such a wide varsity to choose from. I think I cannot have enough of their polishes! Thumbs up for sure!!!

Love all the color choices, polish is durable and doesn't chip off quickly.