Kleenex  Hand Towels

Kleenex Hand Towels

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Considering I have very bad allergies I buy tissue all the time and Kleenex is my favorite brand. I usually get the one with aloe lotion it helps with preventing my knose from getting red dried out and chapped.

I love to have these at the house when we are having a party. They are think and dry hands well and they prevent the guest from wiping their hands on my towels.

Amazing! I have 6 children, and these are a godsend. Beats the heck out of baby wipes, I keep them in home and in the car.

Another great product by Kleenex. I use the hand towels in my spare bathroom, that way guests will not ruin my fancy towels.

These are good quality; thick and soft. They are a bit expensive so I buy them for when I am entertaining so my guests each have a clean hand towel. I would love to use them for everyday but it isn't cost effective for us

I really love the quality and the softness of the Kleenex Bath towels. They are extremely soft and durable. They absorb moisture when drying wet hands. They are a nice size and they are even softened enough when using for cleaning your face. My only concern about this product is that they are a little pricey but other than that they are very useful and handy.

Thick and great quality

I love these! They are good quality and a lot more sanitary than a hand towel. BUT the price is a bit hefty, for someone who needs the savings I would not be able to purchase these on a regular basis.

These are perfect for hand towels.

I give it a four star rating because of the price. They're more expensive than a roll of paper towels, but they're very convenient and very soft. I do like having them wedged behind the towel rack in the bathroom so that I don't have to continually use a dirty hand towel every time I need to dry my hands.

Nice to use but expensive.

I really like these, we keep them in the office to use on everything.

I Love these things, I have them all over the place. Kitchen, Car, Bathroom... they are soft enough to use for cleaning off makeup too. Perfectly sized, and durable. Although I also am not sure if I can afford to keep them on hand forever.

These towels are nice and thick. They're kind of expensive though and I'm not sure if I would buy these because I usually use my own hand towels. However, If you have a cold, these might be a better alternative.

These things are great for my kitchen, someone is constantly washing hands or needing to dry them off and these are awesome. They are nice and thick and doesnt fall apart when you add a little water to them. the cost is a little expensive though but when I get them for a good deal I always try to.