Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Fast and Natural Instant Brown Rice

Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Fast and Natural Instant Brown Rice

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Love this brand Uncle Ben's products are awesome. Love the rice. Easy to make and yummy in the tummy!

I was very happy with the taste of this brown rice, it for sure cooks faster then other brown rice but still has the great taste and Nutritional value.

Uncle Ben's rices are the best ever!! I too have received a free sample and I loved it! I loved how healthy it was for me and that's great! I love how you can use it in many recipes. Filling and tastes great.

best brown rice to buy

Best brown rice period.

This is the best brown rice i have ever tried! Quick and delicious!

I try to make more brown rice for my family but brown rice is so much more chewy than white and they don't like it. Plus it takes a long time to cook. I tried Uncle Ben's instant brown rice. Not only does it cook up in minutes but it's more tender and my family will make the change from white rice.

My husband and I love this product! It is usually such a pain to make rice because it takes forever and somehow it's easy for me to screw up (crunchy rice, anyone?). This product takes about 10 minutes and the rice is delicious with a wonderful texture. You just immerse it in boiling water (while still in the sack), and then drain, and cut the sack open. We always have at least one box on hand.

I receive a free sample of Uncle Ben's whole grain fast and natural instant brown rice and it is extremely delicious. It cooks faster than the traditional brown rice and it is still as nutritional as the traditional brown rice. It is very versatile which makes it easy to use in a lot of different types of recipes. And what I especially love about Uncle Ben whole grain fast and natural instant brown rice is that it is naturally low in fat, it doesn't have any saturated fat, it is cholesterol free, and it is only 170 calories per serving. In addition you can find tons of information about the nutritional values and benefits of brown rice over the Internet. Before trying the Uncle Ben's whole grain fast and natural instant brown rice I was very skeptical of the taste that brown rice would have after being a white rice eater for so many years. I was so impressed with the quality and the taste of brown rice that I have become a regular consumer of uncle band's whole grain fast and natural instant brown rice. It is full of flavor and the grains are not mushy when cooked. It has a nice texture and it also has a really good aroma after it's been cooked. I've used this rise in several of my favorite recipes that I would normally use white rice in. One of my favorite recipes is sweet and sour chicken, stir-fry, and ham fried rice. Uncle Ben's brown rice has taken the place of traditional white rice in my home and I definitely would recommend this rise because of its nutritional values and its naturally flavored delicious taste.

This is a tasty and fast dinner with some added protein.

This is the best tasting brown rice I've tasted, comes out soft and fluffy and smells delicious!


Saved me time and work and it tastes like you've been working your butt off in the kitchen.

Finally a brown rice that cooks in less time than it takes me to do 5 loads of laundry. I love that I don't have to start my brown rice an hour ahead of the rest of my meal. Uncle Bens is good too, the rice comes out soft and tasty and is better for you than white rice.

I've never gotten a 'free' sample of this like some posters have, but I can honestly say that this is the only brown rice we ever have in the house. It's a life saver for last minute "I need one more side dish" at dinner time as it quickly cooks in the microwave in minutes and you can't mess it up - it's never sticky or burnt. It tastes good, it's priced right and it's a good staple to have in the pantry.