Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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I love these boxes of golden chicken nuggets. This brand is my family's favorite. They are in the frozen section but you bake them and the meat is all white, without any additives. I really like to know what my kids are eating and this satisfies their need to have the thrill of fried food without being unhealthy.

these are soo delicious i love them

These are great the kids love them and my kids are really picky about chicken nuggets

my kids love nuggets, finally one with no fillers or additives!!!

I love these boxes of golden chicken nuggets. My kids gobble them up quicker than I can buy them! they are delicious!!

I think , PerDue outdid theirselves with these nuggets. They taste good and are good for you (no fillers) and the Kids just Loved them. Thanks so much for making my family part of this. I have shared almost all the coupons with freinds and told them how great the Nuggets are.

Easy, healthy, tasty, I always have some one standby!

I love these chicken nuggets. The meat tastes like real quality in comparison to the other frozen food chicken nugget brands. So easy to make, too!

My kids love these chicken nuggets. Perdue makes a great chicken product that is healthy, with all white meat. Great to know that my kids are eating healthy, but at the same time, very quick, convenient. Passed out coupons to family and friends. Can't wait to hear back from them!

These nuggets are great!! I had my kids rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 and they both gave them a 10. The chicken strips are great too. The strips are perfect to serve to guests when watching a football game. I plan to serve them with buffalo wing sauce, honey mustard and then the nuggets and ketchup for the kids.

I love these!!! A real savior on soccer/field hockey/ violin lesson night!! Delicious, nutritious,and easy!! What a great product....

Perdue is definitely a name you can trust. My 6 yr old picky eater will never eat another chicken nugget unless it's Perdue. I also love the silicone tray provided to cook the nuggets on. I will be handing out my coupons to the Mom's at ballet class tomorrow.

We LOVE these nuggets. My daughter will not eat anything but these nuggets. Loved the coupons. Our local grocery store had these nuggets on sale buy one get one free. I gave some coupons to my freinds and they also really liked them. I did try the rubber pan that came in the kit and did not like it at all. I used it in the Toaster Oven and the house smelled like burning plastic.

So easy and quick to prepare, plus they taste good. My kids love chicken nuggets, and the Perdue nuggets are ones that my husband and I actually enjoy, too!

These chicken nuggets are great. My daughter loves them. Easy to make and taste great. Not to mention they are all white meat.