Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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I would love to try the product and hand out coupons to my friends BUT unfortun. this isn't a product that is carried in my area. I have looked at Krogers, Walmart Superstores (2) and Target Supercenters (3). Then I called Perdue to ask which stores in Fort Worth, Texas carry the product. Again, unfort. they don't have any stores in the area. :( I gave it one star because their customer service is very helpful but I won't be able to try/review the product.

I bought the dinosaur shapes hoping my kids would like them. They did not even touch them and when I put it to their mouths, they said "we don't like them".

I was very excited about being chosen for this product, and was thrilled when I received my SheSpeaks box. That excitement quickly turned to annoyance, however. I live in northern Indiana, and apparently we are in the stone age when it comes to grocery shopping. I have gone to every major (and some minor) grocery chain in my area, and no one - NO ONE - carries this product. Not Walmart. Not Target. Not Meijers. I will keep my coupons handy, in case someday I happen upon a store that carries these. But for now - I unfortunately don't have anything to report.

I got these for my kids and was initially very pleased at the taste - however, after looking at the nutritional content, and reading in-depth about Perdue's practices with their poultry, care (or lack thereof) withe the way they house their chickens, I am pretty turned off. I am not a vegetarian or a PETA activist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe we need to speak up about companies who don't provide humane conditions for their livestock. From the information I have been able to obtain at least, Perdue is definitely one of these. A shame really....

Disappointed that this product isn't sold in my area. I mailed off the coupon to a friend in an area where it is sold.

Taste is waaay too odd

The only place I could find this product was Giant. Unforunately, they didn't have the chicken nuggets, so I had to get the chicken strips. They were too spicy for my 17 month old and he wouldn't eat them which was a bummer because they are easy to prepare.

Though this chicken is a better solution to the run of the mill product, there are still many ingredients that are horrible for the consumer. The advertising words are tricky saying 100% all natural. Be careful, all natural and organic are completely different. It means they do not feel the animals chemicals, but are not free range feeding them (the best). This also means they can put any additive within a certain guideline to 'preserve' the meat and give 'taste'. Overall not thrilled. I will not be using my coupons and I will not be recommending this product.

My Kids love Chicken Nuggets & after the first bag did not ask for them again. I liked the fact that they were easy & quick but they just didn't have a good taste to them. We do use the Blue Microwave plate that came in mail. So that was the best part! Won't be buying these again.

These chicken nuggets were very expensive, but since they had a buy one get one free sale and I had coupons to make them even cheaper, I bought them. When I made them, and sat the kids down to eat, they both refused to eat them. My 22 month old, even spit them on the floor, and my kids are avid chicken nugget eaters! I then tried them and realized they were very dry, and had no flavor. My hubby didn't care for them much either! Ah well!

This product is only available on the East coast. It only goes as far west as St. Louis, MO. I'm a little bit put off that Perdue shipped to people who are well outside their range, but I was able to give the coupons to a friend and her kids loved these nuggets. I remember eating Perdue while I was living on the east coast and Perdue was probably the only brand you could find out there. I really didn't like it as much as Tyson or other brands I find easily elsewhere.

I used the coupons to buy two flavors. They were on sale at my Shop Rite for $5.99 each so I got two for $3,99. The kids loved the wings and two of my boys liked the tenders. They actually ask to have them on those quick dinner nights. The third likes the fresh ones better. I tasted the tenders and thought they had a very different taste from the fresh. Also, the meat is pressed. The tenders that are fresh are real meat. I will buy again and keep for an emergency and it would be great to dice on a salad. I have already tasted several of the other flavors, and the popcorn is kid-friendly as is the bourbon. The tray is way cool.

I bought the tenders but thought htye were pretty bready. I asked my kids opinions and they siad they were "OK". They love nuggets, but they like them with less breading as well.

I bought the chicken tenders. My 5 and 8 year old ate them without any comment. I liked the size of the tenders, and the chicken was moist but I was hoping they would be a little crispier. (I did follow the "crispier" directions on the package) THey are a quick and easy solution for dinner, but I don't often buy frozen preprocessed foods like that.

Didn't care for these...but maybe it's because we chose the nuggets. I followed the directions and they cooked up to tiny little peices. Then, when I cooked another batch, I cooked for less time and they turned out much better. I think I'll give them another chance and buy the larger patties.