Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

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I absolutely love Lodge cast iron cookware. This may become my everyday skillet.

Lasts forever Love this skillet! Lasts a lifetime! Just make sure you take good care of it.

Awesome Product Every kitchen need this If you take care of it It will last forever A great investment piece

American made to last for generations Lodge has been making durable and affordable cast ironware for over 100 years in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Properly seasoned and maintained cast iron will last for generations and will become better and better the more it is used. Don't be intimidated - Lodge posts care instructions on their website, as well as lots of great recipes.

Versatile My favorite thing to cook in. Everything tastes better. I feel like there is a better consistency across the pan. Easy to clean and great both in the home and outdoors. Also adds iron to your diet.

Great Product! Love cooking with the Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet! Always puts a nice crust on whatever I am cooking and makes it taste so good.

Perfect skillet Not recommended for any liquid dish but oh man, oh man!! I begged for the Lodge brand skillet and I got it!! Nothing like it ever, it's like the skillet is doing the job, cooking your dish perfectly for you!!

Love! This is my go to skillet. I love also that it will last for years and be passed on.

A weapon in your purse and for your kitchen I don't know how many people out there that live in Texas want to buy a lodge, but you need to go to Walmart or buc-ee's. Heck if you don't live here just go online and order one, not only can you knock someone out but it is the most amazing set that I have ever had. I will live and die by The Lodge don't let those other companies fool you, you don't need to spend a lot of money to have good quality cast iron and my grandfather cooked for the Chuck wagons only using cast iron. Marriage tip: get the tiny one to whack your husband with it when you come home and he's soaking it in soap water

My Lodge cast iron skillet is the best thing to bake cornbread in! It is also great for frying meat (pork chops, hamburgers). Browns perfectly and tastes better !!

Yes!! Love our Cast Iron. You do have to keep seasoned as you do with any cast iron. I highly recommend using cast iron over other pans.

Can't beat this skillet I love this skillet with such passion. My mom and grandma used them as well. Now I know why. Try frying chicken, fish or anything you desire in this skillet and you'll never use another other than this one. You can even use it in the oven.

This is the best cast iron. Affordable and high quality. Home fries in cast iron are amazing....just sayin

Awesome product I love these skillets, we have a smaller one and we absolutely love it.

love the heft I was afraid that taking care of cast iron would be too fussy, but I have learned to really love my pan. Cleaning it isn't as bad as I thought it would be and it really allows you to get a great crust on your veggies and meats.