Safety 1st Complete Air

Safety 1st Complete Air

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The car seat is too big. My husband has a Honda Ridgeline and the seat is so big we could not properly install in his truck. This car seat should only be purchased for those with minivans.

I like the idea behind it and the look but I'm not fond of the angle it sits or how hard it is to go from car to cat really heavy

Just got two and so far no complaints.

This is the first seat we used for our son after he graduated from a regular car-seat. We keep it in "grandma's car" now, but she is thinking of replacing it since the seat belt button at the bottom started to stick after about a year of use, and it's now very difficult to unlatch the belts. Upsides: the seat is very sturdy, attaches at all points, and seems very safe and cushion-y. I didn't like that it seemed very heavy to me however, and I hate having to take it out of any car. It seems rather big to me, and our son seemed to grow out of it rather quickly. I don't like that when he's in there, he's angled up towards the ceiling so far that his knees are pointing towards the top of the car. It makes it very difficult for him to put his feet anywhere that he is comfortable. As far as safety and child comfort goes, I give it a 4, but as far as parent-comfort goes, I'd only give it a 2.

It is easy to instal in the car, adjusting the straps can be hard because you have to slide off the bottom of the cover, but over all it seems very comfotable for my daughter. When I went on vacation this past week it was easy to switch from one SUV to another, although it wouldnt fit in my moms car becasue the back seats had a tilt to them.

This seat is great! It's easily adjustable and not difficult to install. I have a very tall daughter and she is getting close to outgrowing this seat at only 4 years old. For most children I think it would far outlast 4 to even go to 6 for many kids. My only real complaint is that the straps twist easily and are a pain in the butt to untwist. If it wasn't for that I would rate it 5 stars.

I love this car seat. Got it originally for my older son but its now being used for the baby. I love the idea of side air bags for my kids head. It makes me feel like they are safer. The cover comes off and you can clean it easily. The only complaint I have is the later models have an adjustment issue with the angle. I installed it for my baby and it was at a steep 53 degree angle and made the driver (myself) eat the dashboard. This didnt work for us. So after researching it, I have changed the angle of the car seat to the standard 45 degrees like most other car seats. This car seat is tested safe at 31-53 degrees. So Im comfortable with my adjustments. I just think they should update their stickers/lines for angling. Its at a ridiculous angle that makes it virtually impossible to fit in ANY car.

This is the car seat we are currently using for our 2 yr 4 mo old daughter. We bought it just before she turned 1, so we have been using it for almost a 1 and a half. We like it. It's not too heavy when we move it between cars (mid-size sedans) and it seems to have fit in both of our cars forward and rear facing. The only downfall is I don't like that the angle can't be adjusted. When she falls asleep on long car rides, it would be nice to be able to tilt her back a little.

Comfy and Safe from Newborn to Preschool This was one of the first two carseats we bought when we first started having children back in 2011. We brought our baby home from the hospital in this seat and had no reservations about his safety. It reclined/sat at a good enough angle to support a newborn and infant; however sometimes, depending on the car we used-the backseat would be angled differently and instead of having a feature to adjust on the seat to combat the battle of the angles, we would have to roll a towel to put under the carseat in order to get it installed securely. Fast forward a handful of year and we still are using this seat, but now it is forward facing. It has grown terrifically with our kiddos and there appears to be plenty more life left in it, so it will be passed on to the grandparents to use when they help pick-up kids from daycare and school. We have since switched to Britax Frontiers because of our oldest getting bigger and wanting to have matching seats in the vehicles. The cover on the Comfort Air has been easy to remove and launder when the kids make messes, and the straps are easy to adjust as they grow too. Although it is lightweight in comparison to our other carseats, it is a bit of a pain to move from car to car when we need to. It's not difficult to slide the shoulder strap through, but securing and undoing the locking clip is annoying and not done as easy as our Britax Frontiers that sport the Click-Tight locking system. Overall-I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this seat to anyone... It's economical and lasts, providing a good overall value.

my son hated his old seat the omega elite i think is what it was called by safety we decided before a long car ride to see family we would have to get a new complaints here and he seems to like it as well i like the idea if there is a side crash their head is a little more protected.

Love this carseat! My daughter seems to love it also! It fits perfectly in our truck but not sure if it will fit in my Corvette.

I was able to fit this car seat in our Toyota Camry (middle back seat) rear facing with no problems. I am short but my husband is 6'1 and he can still drive comfortably. We did not even need to use a rolled up towel to find the right angle, although I can see how most cars would need to use one. I love this car seat and it is so much easier to strap your babe into than our previous "cheap" infant seat. You just pull one little strap while pushing a button. We got the 65 version, so it can be used forward facing until 65lbs which really makes it worth the cost.

I have two of these carseats. One for my three year old and one for my one year old. They are easy to get in and out of the car. They are super cute and my kids think they are comfortable. They arn't too bulky so my eight year old can fit between them. I drive a 2011 dodge charger to give you a sense of the room my car has in the back. Over all I love this car seat. By the way my sister has one too and she loves it also.

This is the carseat we currently use for our son. I love it. It holds him in place pretty good and he seems to look comfortable in it. It also looks more safer then some other car seats I have seen.

Love this car seat. My daughter is comfy and it keeps get put and safe.