Soft Scrub  Total Bath and Bowl Cleaner

Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl Cleaner

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It has a very vey strong smell, but it does works. I would rather to use mild smelling product than the soft scrub. I will stick to natural and organic cleaning products that works better and the smell is not a strong and that will not cause any health problems

I don't like this as well as my regular brand. It doesn't clean soap scum as well and costs a lot more.

I really enjoyed this product. I love how you can tilt the bottle upside down and it still sprays good. Plus I love how you can make it foam out or have a direct spray! I really feel it helped break up all the build up and stuff from our hard water!

I like that it foams and works upside down. I don't like the smell and it doesn't fight stains.

This product is ok. We have rust problems in the shower and sink and even after I scrubbed with this product it barely touched the rust problem :( It cleaned the toilet well and counter tops but I really need something a little stronger to get rid of rust. I'll keep searching.

I thought this was great. It worked great on the sinks and toilets but the smelll was kinda strong. It does a great job and is very versitile, I will definatly be using this product again!!

Very true to its advertisement. Had no problem even spraying upside down! Everything was nice clean and shiney!

Not too crazy about the smell, a little over powering. But on the other hand it works great! Stains removed, shower is clean, happy.

I recently decided to try this product because I was intrigued by the prospect of a sprayer that worked in every direction. I do not like to spend a lot of time getting the bathroom clean and I hate having 3 different cleaners under my sink to get everything done. This product is awesome because it does the work of a surface cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and glass cleaner! It works great on the sink and shower and gets my counters nice and shiny. It doesn't leave any streaks on my mirrors when I wipe them down and the best part is that it even cleans my toilet as well as a regular toilet cleaner would. The upside down sprayer works great with minimal effort. I no only have one product under my sink for full bathroom cleaning. The price is well worth it since it does everything and they release coupons often to help offset the cost. This is a great product and I will continue to use this for a long time.

I like it because it does not break my hands out and it is very fast cleaner

It is definitely a nice investment to have. I recently colored my son's hair with Manic Panic Red and to clean is horrible. I thought I would have to get out the bleach to clean my entire bathroom but fortunately a good brush and the soft scrub cleaner helped immensely. It took me about an hour to clean the bathroom but it is clean with no red spots. The other thing is that I can turn it upside down and still get to have spray come out from it.

This stuff works GREAT for cleaning and removing stains, but I do not recommend it as an every day product. If you happen to have red kool-aid stained into your countertop though, go for it. This stuff will get it out super-easily.

Huge fan of the soft scrub line and this stuff works awesome. great value.