Martha Stewart Everyday Food

Martha Stewart Everyday Food

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Best Recipes Martha Stewart and her crew comes up with a great and unique way to incorporate veggies and healthy options into meals. I also like that her ingredients are fresh and farm grown by her and her farm hands. It gives me something to aspire to one of these days. She always have some crazy good foods and decorating tips to get you right for entertaining or just any everyday fete.

Martha Stewart makes such high quality products, and this magazine is no exception. Love the recipes!

I subscribe to her magazines and I can always find a perfect dish to make for my family.

I really love this cookbook - and others by Martha. The food is easy to prepare, doesn't require difficult to find items, and typically comes out as expected. It's the first book I open when I have no dinner plan and an empty head. Just sifting through the pages inspires me, and I always find something - either an old favorite or something new.

Easy to follow recipes with prep times included. The ingredients in the dishes are easy to find. No need to go to a specialty store. Delicious results!

I love this cook book because it has recipes for everyday food with easy to find ingredients. It has really helped me with meal planning and most important, follow thru.

I watch Martha Stewart's show and use her recipes, most are easy to follow and give additional hints and suggestions.

I have always enjoyed Martha Stewart's offerings, whether Magazines, Television Programs or her Cookbooks. Her "Fresh Flavor Fast' Cookbook is no exception. This cook book offers great recipes for every season. One of my favorites is the Poached Salmon. I love salmon and am always ready to try a new recipe for it. This recipe made the salmon turn out moist and flavorful. I always find Martha's tips and techniques beneficial and this cookbook has some great ones. One of my favorite things about this cookbook is the wonderful illustrations that accompany the recipes. To me the joy of perusing a cookbook is the "eye candy" the photos and illustration give and this one has a plethora of them. I highly recommend this cookbook, you won't be disappointed!

Martha Stewart is always a good bet. In the past I have used her recipes and they always turn out beautifully. This cookbook is also another winner. Martha's recipes are always full of flavor. My favorite cookie recipe is Martha's Oatmeal cookies with Dried Cherries in them. Even my little grandson loves them. We can not keep them around long! That aside, I highly reccomend Martha Stewart Everyday Food Cookbook!! The book is easy to follow and the recipes delicious!

Love this!! Must have!! Full with deliciuos recipes!! :) Will be a wonderful gift for Christmas!

This is a great cookbook for everyone. It has a lot of great recipes and it really made me make a lot of great dishes for my family. It is a perfect book!!

Don't let the small size fool you, it is packed with tons of yummy recipes. Martha does it once again, simply fabulous !!!!

This book is wonderful and is one of the best cookbooks out there. Martha does a great job with all of her books and magazines.

What a wonderful book! Walks you through each recipe step by step. Everyone should own a copy!

I love this cookbook on so many levels, yes the recipes are quick and easy but the cook book is also a great read! I actually take the book and sit in my favorite corner and read it from cover to cover. My husbands favorite cookie recipe came from this cookbook ,and I make them every four days. I became a big fan of couscous because of this cookbook . I could go on about lamb shanks and fennel when all I really want to say is, a great cook book is like a novel to me, I never get tired of reading it.