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PLEASE NOT AGAIN The website purpose of the website is great but the quality is not good. When I was trying to get a coupon form the website, it would not let me do anything. The screen froze and nothing happened. Then all of a sudden a video popped up and then another one and there was two videos for YouTube. The only bad part was I couldn't do anything again! I clicked the link witch normally works but didn't! I got back to that website and the videos were still up and running! Uggh! its just SO frustrating! But again the main part was a great idea. Just not the part when those stupid videos popped up out no nowhere.

Want to know more about her.

Her site is ok. she is a little extreme !!

Great site!!! Love the coupons!

I love coupons, and this website is great!

This is one of my favorite "extreme couponing" sites! She makes it very easy to navigate and always finds the best deals!

This is an excellent site. I check it daily for all the newest coupon deals! Thanks KCL

What a great website that covers a wide range of topics. The KCL is terrific!


"The Krazy Coupon Lady," or KCL, is an amazing blog for beginning, intermediate, and pro couponers. I started checking this blog everyday when I first started couponing and it really helped me to get oriented. I still use it , now as an intermediate couponer, because it's still incredibly helpful and it displays all the deals in clear, easy to understand ways. I find almost all of my coupon deals on KCL and highly recommend it to fellow couponers! Find out for yourself!

The grocery stores aren't local for me (I'm envious of anyone who has an Albertson's!) but the national store deals are great! Also they have lots of tips to get you started as a couponer. I also enjoy their videos. I recommend this site to everyone who asks me about thedeals I get -- and almost everyone asks!

I use this site all the time, and print lots of coupons, and save lots of money. Great site

great site!!

Tell my buddies all the time. Love this site. Find last minute details on sales w your coupons. Love it!

I love KCL and get daily emails with great deals and coupons. It's a big money-saver!!