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  • petroke By  petroke    

    This is the only granola bar I know of with the right balance of protein and fiber at a decent price with great taste. Filling and delicious.

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  • zzayed2 By  zzayed2    

    great thing to have on-hand for those busy mornings when you're running late

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  • jackrocks By  jackrocks    

    Dark chocolate and coconut are a favorite in my house. Great to grab on the go!

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  • dragonfly777 By  dragonfly777    

    I love these bars. I buy them all the time. So good!

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  • Medderl By  Medderl    

    I really love these granola bars, I think they have great flavor and it makes my cravings for chocolate go away, I just wish they were a little bit softer.

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  • SchottlerC By  SchottlerC    

    We love the dark chocolate coconut bar! Even my 6-year-old daughter asks for it!

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  • sherryllmac By  sherryllmac    

    all kashi products i love!

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  • briana_deja By  briana_deja    

    Awesome, a great healthy alternative for my sweet tooth

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  • lisa_m_lambert By  lisa_m_lambert    

    Yum - the dark chocolate on top is very decadent. The granola portion on the bottom could use some improvement. For 140 calories - it is good.

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  • angelgirl2410 By  angelgirl2410    

    A filling treat

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  • jjsurvey52 By  jjsurvey52    

    These bars are great. I like the subtle sweetness. It's like a healthy dessert. Perfect go to snack when the afternoon hunger strikes and you don't want to ruin your appetite for dinner.

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  • tngal39 By  tngal39    

    I really enjoyed eating this bar its not too rich in flavor,good and filling. I would recommend it to a friend to try.

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  • laceyhodge By  laceyhodge    

    Super YUM! I bought this in the store b/c it looked like it might be good and only had 120 calories. It tastes like an Almond Joy chocolate candy bar to me. The bar is rather small so I have to drink a big glass of water with it. But it does satisify my any candy craving. I'll buy this product again.

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  • JDucl1982 By  JDucl1982    

    Got a free sample through the mail and these were actually really good. The chocolate coating on top was really fudgy and gooey and the coconut flavor was subtle enough that it didn't overpower the bar or chocolate.

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  • shyeyes321 By  shyeyes321    

    I love these things, I just wish I could afford to get them more often

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