Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis

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These are a little pricey but there are lots of coupons for them out there right now. I plan on going to the store tonight and picking up a few. Very conveinent and good flavors.

Great when you are dining by yourself or a lunch date. I love the fact that it is in individual packs which makes it easier to transport for a picnic

i love philadelphia cream cheese. it taste so amazing on a toasted blueberry bagel in the morning with my cup of coffee. i absolutely love the idea of having these mini cream cheeses to put in my purse to take to work and anywhere on the go to eat with my veggies and anything else i have to eat for the day. this is a wonderful idea. thanks Kraft.

The Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis are so great. They taste amazing as always and are so portable. I like to pack one with a bagel and its the perfect size to get in a quick snack during the day. These are so much more convenient than trying to pack the cream cheese in something or carting around the entire package. It also keeps the cream cheese fresh instead of getting crusty in the foil packages.

Wonderful texture with amazing taste. I love this cream cheese, especially for my cheese balls, my family loves the amazing taste and hpow easy it is to spread!

I like the minis so I can pack just the right amount for a meal preportioned means no measuring which is a plus for me

I like the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis. It is just enough cream cheese and small enough to pack in lunches or for breakfast on the go. the little ones like to use it to dip their bread.

I like these. They are more pricey than a regular block of cream cheese, but they are also easy and convenient to use, hence the mark-up.

I like these because my family likes cream cheese bagels but we dont like them all the time. It seems like if I buy a tub or a bar of it half goes bad before I get to use it all. These are nice pre-portioned sizes that stay fresh. I'm very thrilled with them and I also like that they come in flavors!

I love this product. It is so much easier to snap off a portion and take it on the go with me rather than trudging along a whole container or putting the cream cheese on my bagel a head of time. I used this tons of times over the summer.

I love the idea of these. As a college student with early morning classes these make breakfast on the run much easier! I can grab a bagel and run out the door. While they are a little pricier than just buying a large tub, the convenience is worth it.

These are great. I take a bagel and one to work with me daily, and dont have to worry about bringing home the container!

I really love these Philadelphia cream cheese cups because they are very convenient, pre-portioned and only 100 calories per serving.

My daughter eats cream cheese on bagels for breakfast and on pretzles for lunch. When I came across Philadelphia minis...WOW! Perfect for a packed lunch or just simply not wasting a container of creamcheese. She loves these. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a 4pack.

Philly is the only Cream cheese I buy...and I was ecstatic when I saw they now had perfect for breakfast on the go! But sadly the price is just ridiculously I'll be sticking to the regular 8 oz pack.