Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Movie

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Movie

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FLDSMDFR - IYKYK This is a family favorite in our house. The storyline is imaginative with subtle jokes the parents will appreciate.

I saw this movie with a friend when it came out in theaters. It was a wonderful movie.

Cute movie! My 7 year old loves it. Great animation and great story line. Must see for children and even adults!

DH and I saw this together, and we were a bit sleepy, and so this movie was one of the funniest ever movies to watch together, and now our kids love it too!

Excellent movie! My daughter and I enjoyed it very much. Great lesson on staying true to your friends and who you are.

This one was good but I still like the first one. My grandkids really liked it especially the food coming to life. I did buy it for them. As long as they enjoyed it I'm happy.

A great movie about being inventive, and liking who you are.

Very cute movie. We watched this as a family and we laughed so hard. A favorite in our house.

I think this movie is so adorable! My toddlers adore this movie,if I ever need time to just relax a little I put this on and for the most part my kids are glued to the tv!

I liked this movie just enough to not DISLIKE it. I fell asleep on the first few tries at watching the entire film from reel to reel, but finally i watched all of the segments which collectively formed a whole. Surprisingly, I then managed to make it through another non-segmented showing of the movie several more times before closing the door on it. It's an okay movie, but there are many chapters which seem to drag on and on.

Adorable movie any child or adult would enjoy. Quirky characters and overlarge food, what more could you want?

it was ok the kids liked it but i didn't enjoy watching much...

I remember reading this book in school so when the movie came out I was pretty excited. My boyfriend bought it for me for mothers day after it came out. My son loves this movie.

a movie all ages will enjoy and remember.

really cute movie