St. Ives Mineral Therapy

St. Ives Mineral Therapy

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I need to try this lotion. I need a good replenishing lotion for my dry hands.

This is definitely my favorite lotion; at least favorite hand lotion. It's nourishing and replenishing. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I'd recommend it to anybody!

This is one of mine and my husbands favorite lotion. We go through one bottle every month we love it. 5 stars! I hope they never stop making it!!!

I LOVE this lotion! So soft and not greasy - perfect for dry skin in the heat or cold. I've had a hard time finding it at some stores recently but when I do see it I make sure to stock up!

I have tried this I have to say by far it is the best lotion I have used so far NON sticky NON oily i love it

i despise oily, greasy, lotion that feels like it is caked on, this lotion is not any of these. i can feel it moisturising my skin, and i love the smell of it. hey everyone, you should try this lotion!