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Best Program Ever This is the only program that has ever worked for me. I joined last summer and was able to lose 25 pounds in a few months. And honestly, it really wasn't that hard. The program made me think about what I was eating and encouraged me to make healthy choices without outright restricting anything. On WW, I can still enjoy a bowl ice cream or a sugary cocktail now and then, and I don't have to feel bad about it as long as I can fit it within my allotted points.

I am not a meeting person so I decided to sign up online after my third child. It helped to get me kicked started but I cancelled after a few months and I still lost over 60 lbs. weight watchers works no matter if you go to meetings, online or just follow it yourself. Stick to your points, change to eating healthier and exercise and you will succeed! I did it so anybody can!

Weight Watchers DOES work. You are the variable in the success. I, personally, needed to start at meetings to make sure I had a complete grasp of the program. After about 3 months of meetings I switched to on-line only and I am still having great success. I pretty much use it only for the e-tools, which are an absolute savior! My insurance pays for my weight watchers membership. If yours does, too, you will have to make sure to use all the on-line tracking as you will have to send in your tracker to your insurance/WW rep and prove that you are actually using the program.

I have used Weight Watchers for over 30 years off and on as needed. My daughter has used it too. I think the online version is really good for those on the go that are not able to physically attend a meeting. I use it but for me going to the meetings are a real eye opener. You are there with everyone else so it is really a eyeopener. I think Weight Watcher in any manner is GREAT.

I love Weight Watchers online!!! I have it up on my desktop at work and on my smartphone and on my laptop at home. It really helps me stick with the program and is sooooo easy to use!

I am a Weight Watchers Online member and love it. The website is very easy to use, alot of GREAT information. Very easy to track your points, weigh in. And I can't put a price on my health! If anybody is even thinking of signing up for Weight Watchers, stop thinking and do it. I have lost 40lbs so far.

This is a GREAT resource - if you're really into Weight Watchers. The program isn't for everyone, but if you're dedicated and stick with it, the website is great for on the go tracking and a good resource for info and recipes. The site tends to be a little buggy, I had a hard time entering food and making it save on occasion. However, once you get your favorites int here, it's a breeze. I especially like that you can create meals and save them, that way if you have something similar on a regular basis there is no need to add one item at a time...

I am on Weight Watchers Online and it help keeps me positive and helps me to stay thin and eat healthy. Its easy to use and very informative and not expensive at all. I really love it!

I joined about a month ago and love weight watchers online. It is cheaper than the meetings and just as good for a buzy person like me and man has it helped. I am down about 8 lbs so far in one month.

I recently joined Weight Watchers online after many weeks of deliberation--it's kind of expensive at $20 per month (that was with a discount!). The website is pretty confusing, but the visual aides/charts really help you keep accountable. I like that it is a central location for monitoring daily meals and food logging, plus it gives great examples of healthy meal options. It would be great if it had an option for pre-set menus that fall within your daily Points range.