Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Cat Food

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Cat Food

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This product saved our little cat, from a terrible digestive problem, she had gas so bad, ALL THE TIME. We put her on the Science Diet, like the vet recommended. Vet also dewormed her twice and put her on course of antibiotics for gas problem. Nothing worked. I talked with a pet store employee who told me she had done research, and found that Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance foods were pure ingredients, no grains used in raising of meat/fish, and maybe that was our problem. We tried this and within 1 to 2 days our little girl's gas problem vanished. Love this stuff!

my cat was suffering from allergies and didnt know what kind and neither did the vet. We kept taking her to get steroid shots etc. and spending hundreds of dollars. She would scratch her face and head raw until bleeding, and I knew it had to be from the food we were feeding her. I switched her to natural Balance wet and dry food formula with limited ingredients LID duck and green pea, chicken and green pea..It worked!!! the wounds cleared up and she stopped scratching almost right away. Yes its more expensive, but worth it, and saving money on vet bills as well. I highly recommend this for any cat..allergy or not..

I bought the canned food, and my cat loves it. I feel good about feeding him something natural.....

I've been feeding this to my cats for years now. They love the taste and it's what I would describe as a dependable food ? cats love it, they are healthy and have shiny coats, and you can find it everywhere. The best part to me is that I can feed it to kittens AND cats ? so if I foster a little kitty or decide to adopt another one ? I can start them on this and KEEP them on it ? you never have to switch the food, just the feeding amounts as the grow. It's awesome!

My kitty Sophie adores this food and I love knowing that it's so good for her and responsibly produced.