Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

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This is not my favorite scent from VS. It reminds me highly of middle school. Maybe that is just because my sisters and I wore it in middle school, and so did many other middle schools. I just find this scent too strong and too popular. I can pick it up down the hall in my college dorm. And I don't like the scent. Some people do, and that is great for them.

I LOVE the scent, but it only lasts for a very, very short time. I have tried layering the scent using the lotion, body spray and then the Eau De Toilette. It is too much fragrance at first, but then a couple of hours later there is no smell. If the scent would last longer I would give it 5 stars.

I am a fan of most victoria secret fragrances. To be completely honest my favorite is amber romance and I hope they never discontinue that product.. I could waste $30 real fast buying that stuff. However, love spell smells nice don't get me wrong but I enjoy it but sometimes the smell is really intoxicating and gives me a headache. It's very sweet smelling but then just stays on for too long and attacks my allergies. It smells good on other people though I must say.

I'm not sure if this is still in stock but it use to be a best-seller at Victoria Secret (i use to work there). It's a very strong scent, especially when you first spray it. It's an unusual scent and very memorable. The scent is floral but much more complex, almost like a musk. It's also a scent that I got a little sick of, but good to add to your perfume collection. The scent will last longer than other Victoria Secret perfumes, but not as long as a more expensive one.

I liked this when it first came out but now that I'm older not as much.

not my favorite

Love spell is classic, but reminds me too much of high school. We used to cover ourselves in this stuff. Smelling it brings back a lot of great memories, but this is not a scent I would want to be identified with as an adult.

When I first put this on it sorta smells like cat pee, but after a minute or two it actually smells pretty nice. I know it's weird but it's too strong when first sprayed.

It's not the worst perfume I've ever had, lasts good and has a pleasant smell, just not the best either.

Eh, it's ok, it's just too young of scent for me. It starts out musty, but it has a floral undertone that doesn't mesh well to me.

Love spell is a very distinctive and long lasting smell. I get tired of it if I wear it everyday, but I do like to use it sometimes. I can always tell when someone I am around is wearing this!

I have 3 favorite perfumes: Victoria's Secret PINK, Victoria's Secret LOVE SPELL, and Bath and Body Works SWEET PEA. Love spell is the one I used more for date nights. It has a little bit of a stronger floral scent, but all it takes is one or two squirts. It's a very romantic scent. It's always been a favorite of mine. I started using it when I was about 13 or 14, and still use it to this day at 22 years old.

This was certainly my favorite scent in high school. I'm still charmed by the smell because it brings back fun memories. But personal attachment aside, I feel that perhaps the very fruity scent is for younger girls. Of course wear what you like, but it has a very bubble-gum sweetness that is pleasant, but now that I'm a professional, I don't want to smell like it anymore.

It's a spell you will love. It's one that's been around for year's but you never get tired of. I love this scent and so does all of my friends.

I love the smell but it doesn't last all day like a perfume. I like to use it after the shower.