Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

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Heavenly divine scent The scent is delicious, aromatic, and reminds me of a beautiful fantasy forest. The packaging is beautiful and stays on all day. It?s everlasting lovely scent and I receive many compliments from it. Great value for your money. Recommended

Still love this I still love this scent, I've never gotten tired of it. Such a classic scent for spring and summer. It's light, fruity and floraly and fresh.

Real Magic Beautiful fragrance. It is my favorite of all Victoria's Secret's perfumes. It's not too strong but also not too subtle. The scent is enticing, giving the one who wears it the confidence to know that anyone who comes near them will be put under their love spell.

LOVE Love Spell! I love Love Spell!! Been wearing it for years. My mom wore it when I was as young as an elementary student. Great memories!

Favorite Perfume. I love this perfume so much and I have the regular Love Spell by Victoria Secret and the Love Spell Water Blooms (newest scent) and I am so addicted to them. I have gotten compliments from wearing them and a lot of people always ask where I get my perfumes. I highly recommend this perfume.

Classic Like many others I kept this around in high school, when body sprays were all the rage. I recently received a travel size in a gift and wore it occasionally and it still smells like I remember. Once or two light spritzes is all you need, too much and it's overkill.

I think love spell is almost EVERYONES favorite at VS. Its soft and flirty and has the most amazing flowery scent


Damn u , girl in the denim dress!! Victorias Secrets "Love Spell" was apart of the original collection of "beauty" products offered about 15 years ago. I remember in 9th grade this was the "IT" Fragrance every girl and woman, for that matter, had to have! "Heavenly", their 1st actual eau de parfume, was the next hot item, but had a bigger price tag. I remember being bummed I couldn't buy it, but happy I still had my love spell. Idk what it is about that spray it just evokes a natural sultry sexy scent without being too overwhelming, hence good for the tween-younger crowd. Smelling it brings back memories of my youth. Mostly good ones. I'm so happy V.S has re-introduced this old skool line of body splashes, & also adding a few new ones. Two that stick out especially are "captivated" a gorgeous daytime scent for those not too into the flowery scents. And "seduction" which while on sale the shelves for that one were emptied! I was looking for one, maybe In the back of the one next to where it was since the colors of the scents where similar. I searched but to no avail. Then a young woman came by and was dissapointed to see they were gone as well. She then presumed to stretch her arm in front of my face almost elbowing me as she fumbled around looking for one in the back as I had been doing. Then she pops up with one! Soo rude imo. I mean, come on! I was there first! But slow- u blow I guess...Point is chick's don't play when it comes to V.S and their ever-expanding, always sought after gorgeous scents!

love spell This fragrance totally puts a love spell on you when you smell. It's an instant Mmm moment.

Love Spell Smokey and seductive without it being too heavy! A scent that is a good everyday go to.

Smells really good but if you are a bit sweaty after a while you start to get a whiff of must. So I recommend not to sweat but I mean you can't really avoid it..

Eh, it's ok, it's just too young of scent for me. It starts out musty, but it has a floral undertone that doesn't mesh well to me.

One of my many favorite perfumes, not too strong but soft enough of a scent that lasts all day and smells so good! It's worth the price, even if it's expensive and a little goes a long with this perfume smells amazing! My mom bought it first and she loved and recommend it to me. and i really like the smell and thankfully my boyfriedn bought me one bottle for my birthday!and i using it everyday!

Its a classic..but if your sweating don't put it on because it would give off a nasty odor.. Other than that it smell perfect especially in the winter