Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit

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This product worked amazingly. I was kind of hesitant just because I've tried so many other products and nothing has worked as effectively. You have to make sure to use it right and every night but it has the same ingredients as Proactiv and other high end face wash but is way cheaper.

I love these products. My skin since using these is tremendously improved!

Bought this product out of desperation. The product burned pretty badly but seemed to work for a while. Then it seemed to stop working. I stopped using the kit, but I do keep the spot treatment and re-purchase it. That part does still burn, but it does quickly help a breakout!

well in not a big fan beacause it has these burning sansation but it works

Makes your face feel fresh and smooth, but has done little to rid much of my acne.

My son has very bad break outs. He is autistic, so he is extra sensitive to products and smells. We tried ProActive and it didn't work well and he said it burned. We switched to Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit about a month ago and boy is it helping. He has a couple of pimples left, but it isn't his entire face anymore and it is working. YEAH!!!