Legion Movie

Legion Movie

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The whole twist to the apocalypse was refreshing and there are many great actors/actresses in this. Parts of the movie could've stood a little more tweaking in the writing, but overall, it's quite good. The fact they didn't try to spend half of the movie explaining everything, so you're experiencing the events along with the characters was nice; I hate movies that try to explain every detail as that gets boring.

Loved this movie. It starts out a bit slow,, then slams you with action. This movie was very very good and the action scenes are good without overdoing it.

I was scared to watch this at first because of the icecream man monster I saw in the previews but decided to watch it and I was glad I did. The gladiator angels were a beautiful sight and enjoyed their brawl, you could tell they were meant to be powerful, heavenly figures

I disagree that people under sixteen shouldn't watch this movie. It is jumpy but the fear and horror is right in there. the graphics are amazing the special features part about the movie was amazing. I loved learning about making the movie. I loved it the whole God, has lost faith and we have to show him we are worth it. It also shows even the most unconventional person and even the screws are loved by God. For kids 14 and up if you love this kind of thing.

I have to agree that the story-line was a great idea, but it just was not put together very well. The special effects were really good, nothing cheesy or too hard to believe. The actors and actresses did a really good job too. I would definitely not let anyone under 16 or 17 watch it as there is a lot of violence and adult language.

The movie had a good idea which unfortunately was not coherently developed. Great special effects though...

i enjoyed the movie. I thought it had great special affects and story line.

I agree that it was a little shaky of a story line. The special effects and acting was great! It was too much like a soap opera, however, for me to be too interested in anything but the special effects..

More detail was needed in this movie to better understand the relationship between the biblical situations in the past and how mankind came to be where they were at that time. Despite more detail needed this movie, Legion, was worth the watch but not for 16.oo.