Stacy's Pita Chips

Stacy's Pita Chips

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The best pita chips are Kangaroo pita chips, so crispy and baked to perfection.

Got a few little bags of these one time as a free sample. Couldn't even finish them. They are not good.

very good snack,unique taste and many interesting flavors. I enjoy the fact that i dont feel so guilty about eating these and that they are still good tasting

Buy these on a regular basis.

These are good pita chips. I like one of the types of pita chips they have at whole foods the best though!

Love these chips, great with or without dip. ADDICTIVE

My husband and I love snacking on these. Goes great with hummus or just on their own.

These pita chips taste pretty good although some pieces can be a bit tough for some people. They go really well with hummus and are perfect for entertaining or even for road trips! They're quite filling so it's the perfect snack to tide you over whenever you're out and about.

I love these chips and they taste great without any dip! They are a bit expensive unless you catch them on sale.

I love the parmesan garlic with spinich artichoke dip! The sea salt was just a little too salty for my taste.

they taste great.

Nice crunch These crunchy chips are great with hummus or instead of crackers with sliced cheese. I like most of the flavors, but Multigrain and Cinnamon Sugar (eat these plain) are my favorites.

Cannot Recommend These Enough SO GOOD. Great for lunch, dinner, snacking - whenever! Pair with hummus, tomatoes, olives, whatever you like. I love these.

Pairs perfectly with spinach dip and also with hummus. I love the variety from savory to sweet. My kids are crazy for the Cinnamon Sugar chips!

Love, love, love!! So crunchy and full of flavor. Great with hummus, dip, chicken or tuna salad. So delicious!