Softsoap Body Butter Scrub Coconut

Softsoap Body Butter Scrub Coconut

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Smells good while i'm in the shower but it does not really do much for my skin

Smells great, but is not an exfoliator. More of a cleanser.

This product smells great but not for me. It is a little too moisturizing and my skin feels greasy after it. Maybe it would be great for someone with dry skin?

It's pretty good ,except for the fact that it leaves you feeling greasy sometimes.

Not my absolute favorite. The smell is nice however it doesnt last like most other body washes. I have very harsh water (FLORIDA) and in combination with this soap, I feel scummy.

nice smell to me doesnt exfoliate as it should...

It has a very nice smell but it doens't get very soapy so I end up using a lot more and having to buy more then.

This doesn't really exfoliate your skin. It is more like a gentle scrubber. I like to wash my feet with it after I've been in the garden since the rougher texture seems to do a little more to remove dirt, but I don't think it's really sloughing off any dead skin or anything.

This body wash smells wonderful, a great summertime scent! I also like the exfoliating beads...leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Softsoap products are affordable to, which is a definite plus!

Although I'm a big olay fan, this stuff is really affordable in comparison. I love the smell of it. It reminds you of a tropical drink. Yummm! It does exfoliate well, however its not as moisturizing as I would like. I do find myself having to use additional moisturizer. Meaning in the summer or warmer months its great not so much in the winter.

I rarely buy body wash from a drugstore, but when I was in a pinch I picked a bottle of this up. I loved it and have bought several bottles since then. Although I like this product, I prefer body washes with lotions and body sprays available.

Love the was very smooth.

I love the scent of this shower gel!!!! I love coconut smell in skin products so this product was definitely a plus for me. It definitely hydrates the skin within the first use and it's inexpensive which is the best !! definitely reccomend to anyone!

Affordable Luxury. It's a pretty good product. It's a very mild exfoliant, smells nice and is very affordable.

Great product! Helps with dry skin and gives you that refreshed feeling after a shower