Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads

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Burned my eyes like mad. I found these on sale at Walgreens and decided to give them a try. I thought the cucumber would be soothing to my eyes so when I took off my mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, I was shocked when my eyes started burning as if they were on fire. My eyes instantly watered and it took several minutes for the burning to go away. I had to flush them out with water several times to get it to stop. The product was far from being soothing and moisturizing. I like to use eye makeup wipes and facial wipes as a quick way to remove cosmetics when I don't have the time or am too tired to take a shower and wash my face. But having to flush out my eyes with water and eye drops is extremely time-consuming and inconvenient. These wipes contained fragrance as an ingredient, which is something no product that goes on the face or in the eyes should contain. These should be taken off the market.

Tried these and they were just ok. Took a lot of wiping to get my eye make up off. I am not a fan of constantly rubbing my eyes and that is pretty much what I had to do.

This is a great eye makeup remover. I would not recommend the Longwear and Waterproof pads because I feel they are just too greasy. But the regular pads are wonderful. They remove even my most stubborn mascara amd eyeshow just wisps away. The best way to use them is to hold them over your eye for approx 10 seconds to soften up the makeup. Then I turn the pad over and everything comes right off.

It removes the makeup but if some of the chemical gets into your eye it will burn. Also I have to squeeze some of the excess liquid off the pads. It was too saturated with the liquid.

I give anything to try this out every time I take my make up off it sort of puts more pores on my face and my face looks like as if I sweated

Very oily residue, although it removes makeup evenly. The pad has too much residue, which makes my fingers so oily and leaves my skin so oily. You still have to wash your face good after using this product to remove those oil on your face.

Does a super job at removing eye makeup but does tend to leave a good amount of oily residue behind. You can remove most of it by wiping off the excess with a cotton ball and then an additional cotton ball with witch hazel if you're not washing your face.

Took my makeup off easily. Love the non alcohol smell not too overpowering

Although one pads goes a long way...not to fond of the fact that the oily residue takes a lot of soap to remove.

They take off eye makeup really fast and efficient. One pad per eye is all I use and it gets everything off.

It took off my makeup very easily. However it left an oily reside on my eyes and eyelids. It was gross I will not purchase this product.

These are very helpful when I remove excess eyeliner. One swipe and that's it!

I love these. They remove even waterproof makeup without difficulty and not at all irritating to sensitive eyes, and stay moist all to the end of the canister.

This did not remove my make up at all. Once I open it, I spilled the liquid every where because the makeup removing pads are just floating in remover. That was the first time I saw this.

I did not like Almays eye make up remover pads at all they left my eyelid red, itchy and did not removeallmy eye shadow for almost 7.00 dollars I felt like I had been swindled for sure.