Dr.Pepper Diet Cherry

Dr.Pepper Diet Cherry

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I love Dr. Pepper but you can barely taste the Cherry flavor when you drink it.

Cherry Vanilla is my favorite, but if I can't find it I will get Dr.Pepper Diet Cherry instead. It is still a good one.

No After Taste Super yummy diet soda. There is no after taste. The cherry taste tastes real and not artificial.

delicious! This is one of my favorite diet sodas! It has no unpleasant aftertaste and I like it better than regular diet Dr. Pepper. I have a hard time finding this in stores lately though.

First soft drink that I have ever tasted that did not have a diet taste to it. If you don't like to drink diet soda's but need to try this.

I really like this kind of cherry flavor Dr. Pepper. and even the original one. I think diet tastes just as good as the original!! This taste of pop is like no other soda out there.

I really like this kind of cherry flavor Dr. Pepper. and even the original one. I think diet tastes just as good as the original!!

Diet sodas are my jam because I'm not a fan of those sugary regular sodas. And most diet sodas can be such a let down to me, but this one tastes just as great as regular Dr. Pepper Cherry, without all of that unneeded sugar.

My favorite soda of all time...enough said!

Dr. Pepper is a guilty pleasure, but with this no-calorie, cherry version, there's no guilt, just great taste and refreshment.

Dr. Pepper is one of my favorite soft drinks. I especially love the Cherry Dr. Pepper. It is sweet but not to sweet.

Dr. Pepper is made from 23 Flavors, while they do not tell us what they are, it is considered a fruit soda. I do prefere the Cherry over the regular Diet Dr. Pepper, but I also believe, it could have more Cherry "kick" to it. The taste for me is gone as I swallow it, kind of like it teases the taste buds then poof. When they had Diet Cherry Vanilla it tended to seem to last longer. That being said though, I would still give it a high mark of 4.5 out of 5. Can always add cherries to it.

dr pepper has been my favorite soda since i was a little girl....now its my daughters FAVORITE!!! YUMMY CRISP AND GREAT WITH BARBEQUE!!!

This is the best diet soda I have ever tried. There is really no artificial aftertaste, unlike most diet sodas. I'm not sure how they pulled that off. I'd probably rate Diet Dr Pepper Cherry ahead of Dr Pepper Ten. It's really good and not that much different from regular Dr Pepper Cherry.

This is my favorite soda ever. The refreshing taste of Diet Dr Pepper gets even better with the tart cherry flavor. It goes really well with a summer chicken salad or a veggie burger.