Nexcare  Tattoo Waterproof Bandages

Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages

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Love the designs and they stay put. I love how it covers 100%. Having a boy we need all the pertection we can get.

our family loves Nexcare Tattoo Waterproof Bandages! They are comfortable, stay on well even in bathtub and water! They also have cool tattoo designs which my son with autism loves so he will put a band-aid on. Thank you for making such a great prodct for families!


my son loves these because they come with some of his fav super heros on them..I like that they are waterproff and stay on

I love these bandages! They stay put better than any other bandage I've ever come across. With other brands, I've found that I usually have to replace their bandage after every bath or handwashing. These stay on so well, even in the water. In fact, my son still has one on from three days ago, and the edges are just barely starting to come up! The designs are fun for my kids too!

These bandages are great! My daughter had knee surgery and stiches needed to be covered. These are perfect....kept out the dirt AND were perfect for showering since they are waterproof! And did I mention....she was 17 at the time and loved the Nemo design!! These are now the only bandages we buy!

These bandages are the best! The give great coverage and are adorable! Nexcare bandages are totally waterproof! I never buy any other brand! The kids love the tattoo designs! Makes having a boo boo stylish! LoL.. I even wear them! They last ALL day!

I must admit, I am one of those moms who ends up using the same band-aids as my daughters. That being said, the reason for that is because Nexcares Tattoo bandaids actually work! They stick, they keep water out and they are trendy. Now, I'd love it if the retailers close to me would start selling ones other than the Star Wars ones again, then we'd be all set!

My kids love these. They are a great bandage and they stay put. The best thing about them is the fun designs on them.

These bandaids are awesome they stay on through it all!!! My little sister loves them and there are so many fun styles!!!

My kids love these. They want to wear them even without a boo boo.

These are the only bandages we buy for our home. Not only do our children use them but the adults use them as well. You can not go wrong with these!

I work in an elementary school, so I felt it necessary to have some cute band-aids to offer the little ones; I ran out of my regular ole ugly band-aids one day and was "forced" to use my Cars tattoo bandaids; they really held on and were water proof as promised. Love em!

These stay on like nothing else, the whole family uses them. Kids love the tattoo designs, my husband and I love that they stay on even on hands that get washed a lot.

These bandages are Great because they STAY on- through many hand washes- and my teen thinks they are cool