Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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You can't go wrong using aquaphor I used this for all 7 of my children and it worked over night I absolutely recommend this product to any mothers baby who can't handle any other rash creams please give this product a try I promise you it works so well and very fast

All You Need For Stubborn Diaper Rashes Aquaphor is a necessity when combating a diaper rash. So many creams don?t work but this ointment truly does! After a applying this for 24hrs I saw a significant reduction in redness on my son?s bottom. I highly recommend for diaper rashes.

Love this product It's literally a lifesaver. This thing is magic! I usually like to buy the squeeze bottles.

I really like this ointment, I used it when I got my tattoos and tattoo artist recommend as well. Also easy to put on and wash off your hands after application.

Healing ASAP It is actually amazing how fast it helps you heal! It is useful for any type of injury!

Best for Tattoos out there! Best ointment for tattoos as we all know. I always prefer this or vaseline, over a tattoo cream.

Dry Climate Superstar This is a lifesaver in dry climates! My hands and lips use to get cracked but this has saved them. I use it overnight and wake up moisturized.

Love it I love this stuff I love that you can use it for yourself and your babies. I was actually recommended to add a protective barrier on my baby skin after I noticed a small bumps and after I lotion her up, I add this is a second barrier. And it works wonders. I definitely love it. I did read that the baby one is the same exact one as the adult one but I love that it comes in the tub so that I can just get all the amount I need.

Yes Great Purchase This is my favorite healing product! I use this on my cuts, areas where skin is pealing, and tattoos. This product is a staple in my household.

I enjoy it more durning the winter months when my skin tends to be dryer.

Best Cream We use Aquaphor every night as a preventative for diaper rash, and it has been a dream. Every pediatrician I?ve ever been to has recommended at and so has my dermatologist. such a great product.

Great Product Great for all ages!! From diaper rash to tattoos.

The best This was recommended to us by a nurse when we were discharged from the hospital. My newborn son had a minor rash around his mouth. Aquaphor cleared it up almost immediately. Swear by it now.

Good Quality - Derma Recomended My dermatologist originally recommended this product to me, years ago, for chapped lips. Works Great!

Amazing! The best thing for dry skin. Can be a bit greasy but works wonders!