Apple  MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch Laptop Computer

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch Laptop Computer

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would love to test this laptop

Best thing is ITS WONT LET ANY VIRUS IN. So you get peace of mind . Excellent customer service. The pic quality is super and its d best thing for professionals.

My MAC and I are best friends. It is perfect and every since I purchased it three years ago I am would not look into anything else. I do not have to download anti viruses because its already built in. If I need help I just take it into the apple store and I am instantly helped without any issues. My charger has failed once, but once I talked to an apple care specialist he said that I put a lot of stress on the cord when I charge my computer constantly.

I was using a Dell before but boy this is such a change! Very light weight. Very fast processor. No virus which is awesome. Everything is more organized and looks neat.

handy compact and easy to program helps to travel and still keep up

I don't have a Mac but I'm saving to try one I love the apple products I have now so I can't wait!!

My husband says I'm only biased towards mac because I'm a photographer and graphic designer. But the truth be told that I fell in love with Apple in kindergarten playing my math games on what would be a very primitive computer today. I had bought my first, brand new laptop just a few months ago from Apple. This model to be exact. And I have to say, I've been nothing but in love. The thing I love the most is the mission control because as a person of my professions, I've got ten windows going at any given time. I needed this place to hone in and find the window I needed. The next thing is that I can do all that and frankly, this computer doesn't miss a beat. It keeps up with me and doesn't give me any trouble at all. I have 5 kids and proudly own 7 (yes 7) mac computers. I only get to use two of them of course and this doesn't count the 2 iphones and 5 ipods in our home with the 4 apple tvs. We are apple all the way and wouldn't dream of touching anything pc. I love the slim design of my macbook, I have even learned to appreciate the smaller screen. That was a feat for me because I was using a second hand, refurbished 17 inch powerbook for almost 10 years. That brings me to my most valid point. I spent 1800 bucks on a computer I absolutely know I won't need to replace for at least 5 years. I live on this thing and am using it right now to type this review. I work here, go to school here, socialize here and keep in touch with my family here. Sometimes, I even sleep with it when I doze off working. Ha! But my MacBook keeps trucking along and I depend on it. Before my complete switch to apple in the 90s, I used PC and they always let me down. Thanks to apple, I don't worry about that anymore.

I have always been a PC user, but our schools used macs. I discovered that I had a love for macs and worked to save enough money to buy one for high school graduation. I bought one the summer before I went into college and I LOVE it more than anything! Every one of the people that I know that got PC's to use have had multiple issues. The only issue I had was that my charger broke and they gave me a new one for free! I LOVE my macbook and would recommend it to anyone!

I used to be a PC girl. Then I got a Mac. And I can't see myself going back... A Windows computer is great. It does what it's supposed to. But I would get viruses quite often and viruses are costly. Since getting my mbp, I have had zero viruses, no problems and love it. The gestures have become intuitive - when I have to help someone out with their windows machine, I try to scroll up or move windows out of the way using Mac gestures - I laugh at myself when I realize I do this. The fact that pretty much everything on here can be downloaded from the app store makes this laptop super easy to use. Updating apps is so simple, you press one button and let it do its thing. The extra security features are easy to use and everything is located in one central place under system preferences (and the Help is actually helpful). I love Finder! I can't ever lose anything. Finder searches my whole computer for keywords I put in, so you can't misplace something and never find it. I also really like time machine. I did have to rewrite my external hard drive so that it would be Mac compatible but that was easy to do. It's so easy to back up everything because it's one button. And it's so cool when you look inside the hard drive, everything I deleted or changed is their in it's original condition in an outer space setting :). Dictation is pretty cool too, but takes a while to get used to - I still am. I recommend a Mac to anyone because 1) it's not difficult to learn to use a Mac, it's fun, 2) it's simple to use when you get the hang of it, 3) it's a nice looking product, 4) it's reliable, has a long battery life, 5) there are tons of apps and 6) it works SEAMLESSLY with all other apple products. And I love the find my iPhone/mac feature. Once you get over the jaw dropping price, you'll love it.

Although I will always love my white MacBook more, I can't live without the pro. I used to be a PC owner WAY WAY back in the days, but I just feel more organized with mac. It might just be me, though. Mac's are easier to use and so much better IMO. My only complaint is that once it's damaged (I'm not talking about a small problem like the charger dying, but a more serious problem) you have to pay almost as much as buying a new laptop. And if you're a student like me, you probably don't have that much cash floating around. Overall though, it's worth the few months/years/however long it takes you in saving :P

I absolutely love the Mac OS 10.5.8 operating system'to me it's the most user-friendly and has the best screen resolution. My MacBook Pro is the 15" model, not the 13.3", and is very portable, sturdier than the MacBook Air and I use it both when on the go and at home, all around the house. Supposedly the Mac operating system is slightly slower than the Windows system, and if that's true the difference must be miniscule because my Mac is lightening fast. Plus, it's beautiful to look at :)

ive always wanted to try this product .

I'm in love with my macbook pro. Any problem that it has had has been paid for by mac and it hasn't been many! The only complaint i have is that the charger burns out, but in its defense I am on my computer almost none stop 16 hours a day between my classes, hubby's classes and she speaks ;)

I have had this computer for longer than I have had any other. It is lightweight and easy to use. The only downfall is there isn't a CD rom drive.

I am in the market to buy a laptop. This was very helpful to read all the reviews. But yes they are a little pricey but I hear worth the extra money. Thank you.