Mei Tai Baby Infant and Toddler Carrier

Mei Tai Baby Infant and Toddler Carrier

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Don't Be Fooled By Chincy Meh Dai Carriers Firstly, the term should be meh dai to reflect the more proper pronunciation of the Cantonese term to describe this panel of fabric with straps. In years past, folks used mei tai loosely and it was promoted by more well known corporations that put on babywearing products in addition to plenty of other baby, child, family, and household products. So this review will be for those similar to the photo above which are flat, and don't boast any special features like so many of the meh dai's from actual babywearing product companies do. I received a simple no frills meh dai like the one in the product image above through a trade. I utilized it a few times, but found that the straps are too thin to provide comfort or reinforcement when wrapped around an itty baby. The thin straps often slipped from the original placement, thus providing a fit that was less than stellar. I've used other company's meh dais and love them! Some companies add padded waist straps, pleated shoulder gathers, and wide straps to spread out across baby's backside providing added padding, reinforcement, warmth, etc. I would recommend any of those types to new parents any day - just not the super simple and inexpensive ones, especially if a parent is going to spend any length of time babywearing. These are great to stash in the back of the car for when you have unexpected errands to run and need to be handsfree for a few minutes.

UnComfortable. Instructions are not very clear. The pictures on box show it being tied different than the instructions. The shoulder strap go across my sons back and make it uncomfortable for him. I had my husband use it and the straps weren't quite long enough To tie it really good across his back.

Wonderful carrier and excellent for plus size baby wearers. I love the wide, long straps as they are comfortable and make it easy to get just the right fit. A lot of carriers will cut into the shoulders but I found this one did not, even as my child started to near the weight limit.

Love this carrier we got one when my baby was a new born n we still use it n shes a yr n a half

I own a Babyhawk. It worked great for my daughter. We used it on multiple hiking trips, and never had a problem with it. Comfortable and durable. She is 6 years old now, and I still have it and plan on using it with my new son.

Just got one of these and we love it!! My son is 21 pounds and fits great! If I had it my way, I'd "wear" him everyone!! Big thumbs up!

this carrier is a god send!!! i go so much done having this, its easy to get baby in and out, i needed no help to use this, my little one was always snug and comfy and i could move around well and comfortably while doing many tasks!!!! very stylish and super great price!

This is a life saver! I can not say enough how this has changed my life. My daughter was placed in a spica cast because of hip dysplasia and her legs were in an abducted position and it was so wayward to hold her and carry her. Even more impossible... Grocery shooping! After I got my mei tai my world changed. I could do everything and have her comfortably attached to me. I even went through a phase with her that I had to have her in the carried to get her to fall asleep for naps and bed time. She is a 22lb 14 month old and I still use this every day.


I love this product! This is great for the summer heat and is easy to use. However, you do need to make sure it is on correctly or it may dig into your skin and cause some irritation. Overall a great product and my son really loves it!

I have 2 Babyhawk mei tai carriers and love them. Comfortable to wear and very versatile too. These carriers are designed for baby to sit in the optimal position and do not put a strain on their spine or hips - Bjorns and other crotch danglers are known for this flaw. You can wear baby on your front, your back, or your hip. A great investment :)

This is so cute and a perfect gift for a baby shower!

It's very important that a mei tai have the central square of fabric cut to a safe and cozy length. This way the child gets enough support and their hips aren't left bearing all of their weight. Also,the shape will directly affect the weight distribution on the parent and change their comfort as well. I don't like the size of the main piece of fabric on together be's mei tai though, it doesn't really seem to work efficently the way it should. Mei tai's are definetely cozy carriers and the fact that you can roll them up and fit them in any bag is too easy, but I'd go with a differant brand personally.

I bought a mei tai carrier just a few weeks ago. The brand is sweet slings but I bought it used. It's very comfortable! Even carrying my 30# toddler while 5 months pregnant! I would definitely recommend these to friends!

love the original mei tei and the oh snap is great too