HBO Big Love

HBO Big Love

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A smart and thought provoking drama about a man trying to balance his business and personal life. The thing is he has three wives that he attempts to keep secret from outsiders. You will see him make tough choices in an attempt to do what is best for his family. Watch all 5 seasons and see what happens, you'll love it. Be mindful it is an HBO series so an account with them and the show does have occasional nudity.

I hate this series is over because I enjoyed it so much. Well-done since it focused on the relationships and not always about the sex. Interesting perspective on a subject that we only hear horrible things about.

Great show

I wish this show wasn't over .. I like to catch the reruns

My guilty pleasure! Loved this show!

I was really curious about this show so I watched it and I liked it but im glad I dont live in a household like that I would break down in jealousy .

I think it is becoming far too easy for deviant and other so-called "alternative lifestyles" to be made to seem normal and even desirable - when they are anything but. The majority of polygamous relationships in the real world cause great harm to the women and children involved - and portraying this as being a good and "normal thing" and as "entertainment", no less - is rather appalling... Yes, I did watch before making up my mind... did NOT enjoy the show at all. Very fake/unrealistic, very little of worth. Wish I could give it NO stars....

Definately sad they are canceling this show!

Absolutely love this show but definitely don't love the live style. Seriously I get jealous if my husband looks at another woman let alone sleep with one. I cant believe that they are canceling it :-(

Love this show! Have from the first season and am so sad to hear this will be the last season!

Big Love is very entertaining. Like any show it does have the blah episodes. I love the different family dynamic it brings to the screen (true to life or not). It must definitely give the writers something to work with having 3 wives working/living together, sharing a husband, raising each other's children and having to entertain the idea of their husband dating! The characters are dynamic and poignant. I love love love this show - if for nothing else than to see what the writers come up with next. The only thing I don't like about Big Love is the opening credits. It is though they are reaching for symbolism. Just irks me is all. :)

Very entertaining!!!! I have watched since the Hit HBO Serious "Big Love" began! My DVR is set to record the 4th and final season. I watched the 1st episode of the fourth season this past Sunday evening and was amused. Two thumbs up for entertainment purposes! **SIDE NOTE - Regarding Polygomy** I actually read the book "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop & Laura Palmer. An actual TRUE STORY of a woman and her children whom escaped polygomy. Highly recommended! Good read, if you are interested in how REAL, UGLY & disturbing polygomy truly is. "Big Love" while entertaining, it glamourizes polygomy more than it shows the dark reality of what goes on in REAL Polyigomy families in UTAH. However, "BIG LOVE" does touch on the scary & evil side of polygomy; I feel to get a true & real reality based perception on this way of life, you should definitely read "Escape" or watch the True life Documentaries of Polygomy to see the evil in it, the lost boys, and abuse a lot of these women and children are brainwashed and subjected to. In my opinion it is awful and these men (so called prophets, etc.) take advantage of the religion and by using it as power to abuse. Young girls are put in a book to be chosen as brides at the age as early as 12 to 15. That is WRONG and the reality of TRUE polygomy.


I have On Demand and I thought " What the Heck" so I started watching. I watched every episode of every season they had listed! This show draws you in because it is so different. It is like Dallas mixed with some Polygamy..but it works!!!

guilty pleasure!