Healthy Choice  Frozen Dinners

Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners

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Power Bowls not so mighty I purchased the Healthy Choice Power Buddha Bowl based on the picture on the back of the box. What a surprise when I pulled the bowl out of the box. Not that I expected it to look exactly like the picture but it wasn?t anywhere close! I saw evidence of one tiny leafy green, a total of 2-1/2 stems of broccoli that were smaller than the smallest one pictured, a few carrots, and plenty of Chickpeas. Kinda seems like a bate and switch. The flavor was acceptable but nothing I?ll yearn for. Unfortunately, I bought two different kinds of bowls so I?ll have another opportunity to have another surprise when I open the next box. Would I buy this again, no way!

So So! Ok taste, not something I would choose everyday. Lots of sodium so I'm not a huge fan.

Disgusting Shrinking is one thing but this is ridiculous. 1 pea (?), 1 tiny morsel of green pepper, 2 small pieces of red pepper, maybe 3 small pieces of pineapple and 6 SMALL, soggy pieces of chicken in a bed of soggy, tasteless white rice. I'd like to post a photo with a dish to box comparison. There is NO resemblance what-so-ever!

The worst I tried several varieties when they were on sale at my local supermarket; they're all disgusting. The vegetables seem only partially cooked, and there are always fibrous, stringy vegetable bits that are inedible. They smell awful while cooking. The sauces, provided in miserly quantity below the plastic steamer insert, tend to be weak and watery. Overall, the meals are bland and tasteless, too (unless the flavor profile is sour or bitter, which has happened). Does whoever created these think that spices and seasonings are unhealthy? For about the same price, I can buy a can of Amy's soup, which is so, so much better and has much less packaging. Worse, I'm always hungry again 30 minutes later. 10/10 don't recommend, and I won't purchase these again.

Chicken Bone Found In Meal I literally found a chicken bone in my frozen meal.. Definitely made me lose my appetite. It was the Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Grilled Chicken Pesto and Vegetables. Just a heads up in case it happens again.

I chose the: Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Creamy Spinach & Tomato Linguini Frozen Meal, 9 oz. The photo isn't great but I love the flavor of this healthy choice meal. The sauce is very light but has a creamy flavor. They are easy to grab when there are no leftovers to take for lunch. They are low in calories. The microwaveable serving bowl they come in makes them easy to prepare and easy to eat out of.

Great!!! I don't usually like frozen meals, especially low fat low calorie foods, but these are so good. They don't taste like it's a frozen meal once you have them cooked and they really don't taste like diet food. I definitely recommend trying any of these meals. They have alot of options for any kind of meal you want, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.

Favorite Frozen Meal Brand I've been a fan of this brand for over 15 years and they continue to innovate and come out with even healthier products. Love the convenience of them too!

Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners are pretty good! I don't buy them a lot, but when I do I find them to be delicious. I think there were only a few I didn't like the taste of. Overall they are a good quick lunch option.

Healthy and Yummy. Healthy Choice meals are one of the best I have ever had for a healthy frozen meal. Some of them are so bland or don't have any variety - but Healthy Choice has done a great job of making good tasting, HEALTHY foods.

I eat a Healthy Choice dinner nearly every weekday for lunch. I especially like the steamers variety. Very tasty, satisfying, good variety and saves money. There are so many to choose from you are bound to find one you will like.

I love the Healthy Choice dinners. The chicken and rice is especially good.

I get these when they are on sale kids love them, they are a super fast dinner for when we are running late, and I know they are getting healthy food!

These are great for a lunch, for dinner, better add a large salad. I like the weight wacher points being on the packaging.

These are ok. Not terrible, but not my first choice for a meal.