LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

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This is one of the best toys we could have purchased when our son was learning to stand on his own. Wanting to touch the buttons and make things light up was definitely a motivator for him to stand and try and use those chubby little legs of his! His favorite thing to do was "sing" after he figured out which buttons made which songs play. There are no pieces to lose, nothing to pick up, and if you need to pack it away the legs come off very easily!

This is a great toy, but the legs on older versions are a bit more stable since they have "feet." Also watch out to find out if the one you're buying has detachable legs or not. Obviously the detachable leg versions allow you more freedom for storing it flatter and modifying it for younger children.

My son is 12 months old and has been enjoying this toy for a while now. He loves to "play" the piano and sway to the music. He also likes to be repetitive with the keys and just push them on and on for hours!

My daughter loved this from before she could sit up by herself through standing. All the great colors and music are so much fun. Definitely holds the attention.

I love Leapfrog !!!! Got this for my granddaughter when she was 1 yr taught her to be more stable when standing and just the right size for learning all the knew activities on the table....we buy a lot of leapfrog toys !!!

Grandkids loved to play with this. Lots of teachable moments here!!

My twins LOVED this table. They initially used it to lean against while learning to stand. They loved the musical features. The only problem was that my son eventually was able to pull it over onto it's side. We ended up securing hand weights on the inside of the legs and it's been on it's feet ever since!

my son is 4 now and still enjoys playing with this. new baby on way so holding onto it.

Greta toy, i bought it on clearance for my first daughter and my second daughter got to play with it and in a few months im sure my sone will love it. Great product!

This table is awesome. The one I have has been used by 3 kids and my little one will be using this soon once he's crawling and pulling himself up, which is very soon. My toddler still plays with this from time to time, too, and he's 3.5! The only scary thing is that when the batteries run low, it will "turn on" by itself when no one is near. Freaky! Luckily, there is a switch underneath so you can turn it off/on. Phew!

This is a great baby shower gift. My kids have this and play with it daily -- with and without the legs. So much interaction in a small space toy. Love it.

This is my daughters favorite toy. She has special needs, and this helped with her fine motor skills. She loves to dance to the music and play with all the different instruments. I also love how you can take all the legs off to play sitting down, or take one or two legs off so it can sit in front of a sitting child.

My daughter got this for her 1st birthday. It was her favorite toy of anything she received. It kept her occupied for such time with all the different stations and helped enhance all of her senses. Now that she is 2 we passed it along to her baby cousin who is turning 1. It also helped her gain balance when learning to walk walkin around the table holding on.

These are so much fun. My daughter has one and she dances to the music to it. This entertains her for quite awhile.

All 3 of our children used this and loved it. Hours of fun and entertainment!