Bari Cosmetics Pure Ice Nail Enamel

Bari Cosmetics Pure Ice Nail Enamel

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I had seen this brand of nail polish before at Walmart, but the price was so low I did not think it would be good quality. I was so mistaken! I purchased the Pure Ice "French Kiss" nail polish (Dark blue) on impulse. I put it on a few days later, and was pleasantly surprised at how thick it was, you barely need to put on a second coat. I have been wearing it for a little over 2 weeks now. Mind you, I do the dishes without gloves, I cleaned the house... and there isn't a chip to be seen. The only reason for me to take it off today would be that I see the growth line at the base of the nail. This is the longest lasting nail polish I have ever used. And believe me, I am a nail polish addict (I must have at least 50 bottles here). For the price, I plan on picking up a few more shades the next time I go to Wallyworld.

Pure Ice is another one of my favorite brands of nail polish. I love that they have a lot of colors to choose from. I love how affordable these are as well, I'm all about beauty on a budget! I have not experienced any problems with any of the polishes I have purchased.

Great drugstore nail polish! I love nail polish! Period! I love to do my own nails at home. Sometimes, I splurge and go to the nail salon. I always bring my nail enamel from home. That way, I get the color I want, and I know it's going to last a long time! So, I came acrossed Pure Ice Nail Polish, and thought I would give it a try. Can be found at Walmart in the Cosmetics Department Comes in a wide variety of colors, from pastels to bold colors inexpensive Pros: Easy to use Low cost Used by professionals Cons: They don't sell a base coat for this line. My opinion of Pure Ice nail polish is that it is a great little beauty secret! You get a lot of bang for your buck with this nail polish! It stays on for weeks, without chipping, peeling, or fading! They have colors for every mood you are in! They even carry some quirky colors, like Home Run, which is a pastel green. I like the color because it reminds me of Spring. I highly recommend keeping this little jewel in you makeup bag! It's a must have!

I saw this polish at walmart and love the shades that are available (stocked up!) Umfortunately with 3 coats this polish starts chipping within a day or two when other brands last about a week. Not sure what I expected for less than a dollar but still well worth it I think.

One of my very favorite brands of polish. Great color selection, and what a great price! I have found that having a good quality top coat really extends the life of your color.

I saw this brand at Walmart and it was really cheap and there were a ton of colors. I guess in this case you get what you pay for. The formula wasn't terrible, but I had to put on quite a few coats to get the opacity I wanted. It was really thin and runny. But once I put enough on, the color looked nice. It chipped just like every other polish does on my hands. All in all, average. But maybe I got a couple bad bottles.

Pure ice is a hit and miss for me some of there colors are like colored water for instance rescue me 218cp looked so pretty in the bottle but when applied its basically water thats it there dark colors are beautiful tho