Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

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The face & neck cleanser works well. It replaces facial wash, toner & mask. The scent is remarkable. My skin glows. The face & neck toning gel absorbs quickly & smells wonderful. My pores are reduced and fine lines are less noticeable after only 5 days! The products make everything so quick and easy.

I love the way my face feels after I use this product. It says to use twice a day, but I only use it in the morning after my shower and my skin stays soft all day. I know for the price, I wouldn't be able to buy it, as it is out of my price range, but loved getting it in this months Cravebox. The smell is not a turnoff, as it has many natural items in it and it doesn't clog my pores as some other face products have.

I haven't tried this product yet, but it's the one I'm most excited about. It's new to me, full-size, and from what I hear comes at a premium price. I don't really base my skin care products on smell, but rather how well they work and do what they're supposed to.

Love the Mereadesso Woman skin Care. I goes along with the body balm we recieved last month. Works and smell very good. Thanks.

Love this - I was about to buy one in Sephora and instead it came to me in the CraveBox! I use it under moisturizer and it is especially good during Winter in NYC.

Loved this cream. Was thrilled that I was getting a companion for the cream received last month. Smells fantastic...reminds me of a kids lip gloss I had when I was little. The pump takes some getting used to with the consistency of the gel it squirted past my hand.

I love how this makes my skin feel and look under make up. Really preps the skin before make up application and I love that I don't need a moisturizer and a toner and an eye cream. Very easy. However, not sure if I'd buy again because of the cost.

I am loving this so far,it feels wonderful on the skin and leaves my skin glowing!

Very happy with this product. My skin looks good and I have not had an issue with dry skin since I started using it daily two weeks ago. I love the consistency of the gel. I hesitate to put thick products on my skin and this one goes on effortlessly. Thanks Cravebox, another winner from Mereadesso!

Loving this face and neck toning gel. Not what I would label a "gel" as it is very thin and runny. But my skin feels fantastic. The smell isn't all that noticeable either. After using once or twice a day for about a week, the skin under my eyes is so much softer and the lines are way smoother looking. A definite inprovement. Notice a difference on my neck as well. Very happy with this product.

I have been pleased with this product so far. I probably would not buy it due to the price, but I have been using it and my skin really seems to like it. I love the smell, too, and the consistency seems to be just right. At first I thought it was a little runny, but then I discovered that if I shook it up before dispensing it was thicker.

I have been using these products for the past month. They are a face+neck cleanser 4.0 oz this cleanser (comes with a cloth to use it with) and the Face+neck toning gel 50ml. The cleanser has a good smell but I am very disappointed with the texture and the fact that it doesn't clean my face well at all. You have to wet the cloth it came with and squirt some cleanser on it and apply it on your face w/ rubbing motion. The product doesn't foam at all and for the price I say find a good drug store brand and go for that one instead. The toning gel also a weird smell, it's runny with a light yellow color to it. I didn't like this toning gel at first but decided to give it another chance and now I love it!! It has made my complexion brighter and my skin smoother. It's a bit pricey but I think the price is worth it.

Just received this last night. Have been using creams from a high end line that cost $176 with the day eye cream, night eye cream, day face cream, & night face cream (not all full sized). I am returning them to the store today for a refund. This is just what I was looking for in a face cream. Mereadesso face & neck toning gel can be used on eyes, face, & neck for day or night. It soaks right in & does not make my waterproof eyeliner smear, which was a constant problem with other products I have tried. Racoon eyes are not attractive. It has only been a day of use, but I am already happy with Mereadesso face & neck toning gel. Am looking forward to possibly seeing improvement in my skin with daily use.

Feels great on the skin. Smells good . LOVE IT

This toning gel is nice to put on before applying makeup. I notice if I put it on before my makeup I get a nice matte finish, where I don't with other moisture products. I have noticed a little more radiance in my face since using it. The fragrance isn't the best but not the worst either and the benefits are worth it.