CWTV Gossip Girl

CWTV Gossip Girl

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Preferisco 90210: meno scene di sesso spinto e, storie adolescenziali.

Gossip Girl is entertaining but its storyline and many others directed toward teens leave negative messages.

It's just ok. It's a show that I don't sit down and watch, but just dvr and watch quickly. I like to see what happens, but lately the episodes have been a bit unrealistic.

Really good show, but it goes in a LOT of random tangents. Sometimes it feels like the writers are just stretching the story line more and more.

Love the show. Don't have many reruns though so I often get very behind. :(

A soap lover's dream Love gossip girl drama at its best i always watch the reruns online this would make the perfect gift for movie buffs and fans of the o.c. highly recommended for teens and the young at heart

This show was great, I loved that it kept me hanging on, Im really sad it ended but all good things must come to a end i guess :(

I love Gossip Girl! Everything that happens in it makes my jaw completely drop. There are so many twists in the plot, it never gets boring! Also, the dynamic between the characters is important and makes them much more likable, although on their own they would be a pretty mean bunch of people.

I love this show so much!!! I watched all the seasons on netflix and I couldn't stop watching them!!!

Very entertaining show with nonstop drama and amazing wardrobe of all characters.

Great show! Loved this show! it's so entertaining and has everything drama, romance and mystery and a absolutely great taste in fashion!.

Gossip Girl Drama Oh boy I love gossip girl best teen drama since Dawson's Creek Chuck Bass is incredibly funny I love this one liners cracks me up every time not a show you want to miss

i love this show.

Teen Soaps Top notch when it comes to teen drama funny one of my favorites for sure

Gossip Girl forever The best teen soap since Dawson's Creek juicy and funny people who don't like dramas will still love this one