Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes

Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes

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Betty crocker is a better choice

Not as tasty as I thought they would be. A little bland, had to add extra ingredients, like ranch, milk, etc.

Not good, little flavor, bland and bad texture. Not at all so wing I would even use in a pinch. There are other brands much better

I've used this product. It's okay. To be honest, I don't find much difference between one brand and another. I usually just buy what's on sale.

Tastes better than most instant mashed potatoes. It still has a slight grainy taste even after butter and salt were added.

my husband loves these darn not much of a fan, but he is deff a potato man and when thats what he wants and were not in the mood to make some, these are a great option!! Quick, easy and he can add whatever he wants to make it his own! Hey if hes happy im happy!

Hungry Jack Instant Mashed Potatoe's are my favorite instant potatoe.They taste close almost like homemade mashed potatoes. All my babies liked it when they were infants also.

I love hungry jack Potatoes I have never had an issure with the flavor.

I just purchased a box of 40 oz (2LB 8 oz) Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes from Wal-Mart for 5 dollars and change, my family loved them! I will purchase another box tomorrow for ‚?? Thanksgiving! People complain if the potatoes are undercooked or over cooked‚?¶this was the best purchase ever! And I have old school critics, as long as you know how to use a measuring cup! You are good to go!

I liked them.

I signed up for the Garlic Mashed Potatoes Sample. My family loved them. My daughter is very picky on potatoes, but loved the creamy texture and the garlic flavor. Will be purchasing these next time we're at the store.

These are probably the best instant potatoes I have tried. I have a 4 month old and anywhere I can save time in the kitchen is a huge help.

Super quick and easy and very affordable. Taste as good as any other instant potato brand I've tried.

My hubby also purchases this product. Too bad you don't make sweet potato. I may become a fan.

These are great if your running short on time. Of course you have to "doctor them up " to your families preference. I use more butter and milk than the instructions call for. The kids don't mind that there not home made and neither do I. Now when they get a little older and have a more sensitive pallet who knows, but I'll enjoy the conveniece while it lasts. Lol