Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

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Works okay, not much different from using powder as my mom told me about when I was a teenager. Kind of messy application. Since powder is light colored I wouldn't recommend it for darker hair. Works by absorbing the grease from oily roots of hair. Smells nice!

This product works GREAT to get oily hair looking clean again. I only gave it three stars for two reasons. First, it is tricky to use on dark hair. It must be used very sparingly, combed through and then blow-dried off of my scalp to avoid showing the powdery residue. If I'm going through that much trouble, I may as well just wash and style my hair--I use dry shampoo as a time saver. Second, the smell is awful. Super lemony and gross. Like bathroom air freshener gross, and not compatible with the scent of any other hair product you might use it with. I've even tried adding a few drops of essential oil to the bottle and shaking it up to cover the scent, to no avail. I only use it when my hair is super oily and I'm desperate to save a little time.

Try the ones in spray form...they are a lot easier to use...you can find them at sephora

I bought it at Ulta.

Just tried this yesterday when I over did the gel on my hair getting ready to go out..............works like a charm!!! LOVE IT