Fiber One Chewy Bars

Fiber One Chewy Bars

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These aren't bad, but not the most tasty bar I've had. If fiber is what your'e looking for these are great, if you prefer taste....not for you.

The chocolate one was disgusting.

Surprise, Surprise. Another flavorless fiber granola bar that tastes like cardboard. Double yuk 8 ^ (

i am not a fan of these only because i feel that its too sweet, way too sweet and it also has an extremely dry taste to it, no milk or juice can wash this down.

I'm glad I got a free sample of this product. I've have been very angry if I'd paid for them.

These taste great but whatever they use in them seriously upsets my stomach. Must be the fiber, although I eat other high fiber foods without the same problem

I liked the taste, but the extra fiber seemed to give me gas.

I don't like fiber bars not that tastey

The dark choclate bars are very tasty! Beware for those of you who dont get much fiber even one of these can kind of jolt your digestive system a little bit. I would start with a half of a bar. For sure one of the best ways to get some needed fiber in your diet though!!

Very Chewey . Great on the go snack. A tad bit too sweet for me but my daughter loved it. Maybe in a different flavor for me would have given a better rating.

I thought these bars are delicious except for the fact that they are too sweet.

I found the bars very tasty, but I couldn't get pass the fiber smell in them. But my nose is super sensitive. My adult sons ate them up kike crazy.

I adore these bars! They are tasty and filling and low calorie. As a teacher, I need a quick snack between classes to keep me going and this does the trick! I buy them every month and I love the other products this brand has come out with as well!

i love these,first tried one at a friend's house ,now my family loves it

I love these! particularly the peanut variety. I like that they are tasty and low calorie. I don't feel guilty after eating one!