Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal

Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal

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Did not like it

I thought this cereal tasted AWFUL!! I took one bite and the gag reflex hit. I love Captain Crunch, so I thought this would be a hit for me, unfortunately not!

I like some of Kashi's cereal, but this is probably the most disgusting cereal I've ever tasted. It was bland and weird tasting and it smelled so horrible that I gagged. My husband loved it, but I hate it. The texture is also very weird and not appealing.

I tried to rate this cereal as 4 stars but I made a mistake.Is there any way to edit posts?

I usually love Kashi products, and am a big fan of Captain Crunch, so I was excited to try this flavor. Yuck. Not sure how a flavor could be cardboardy-and also so tasteless, but this stuff manages the double-feat. Have I said "yuck" yet? Yuck.

I eat alot of Kashi products, cereal, bars, pizza and love them, however this cereal was horrible, sticky & like cardboard...I ended putting it outside for my wild birds & squirrels.

I got this because I thought it would be similar to captain crunch, like a healthier version. When I tried it I was not happy. It had no flavor at all. I expected it to taste like something, but it tasted like chewing on cardboard. I couldn't even finish the box. I have had many cerals that are "good for you" or organic and this is by far the worst. Don't waste your money.

It was alright. Not too sweet as some have said, but the texture is a bit...well powdery or similar. There's a slight crunch. Not to my liking at all.

I am a big Kashi fan, but this cereal didn't do it for me. Luckily, my husband likes it so it won't go to waste. I find it has an odd sweet taste. I prefer the cinnamon harvest cereal.

Didn't care for this cereal, not enough flavor.

Ok flavor. I wish the sugar content wasn't so high.

Not the best. I hoped it would be a good replacement for Captain Crunch but my daughter liked only the first taste. She found it to be too bland after that. Good try to make a healthier Captain but it's a tough job replacing. Not enough healthy in it for me. I'd go with a different Kashi choice for more protein if I were to eat cold cereal.

The taste was alright (maybe I'm too used to my daughter's Honey Nut Cheerios). I don't think I will be buying it for my family in the future.

A bit harder to find than other Kashi cereals. I'm glad someone else had the same impression I did-- it's like grown-up Cap'n Crunch. Tasty!

This cereal tastes much better than I expected and is okay, overall. It's so much better when you mix it with Kashi Go Lean Crunch, though! The mix of flavors and textures is awesome and still a healthy breakfast.