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  • Nellygirl07 By  Nellygirl07    

    Love Disney movies. This is a great movie for the whole family.

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  • cormeretrix By  cormeretrix    

    While the animation is definitely gorgeous and classic Disney, the story is a little outdated. After all, Snow White is forced into household servitude to men, and she must rely on a man to release her from the witch's spell. Why not just lead a revolt and overthrow the evil queen? I'm not really sure that little girls should be watching this; I think it sends the wrong message, and it encourages them to ignore their own agency, rely on others to save them, and passively permit things to happen to them instead of making them happen, like Merida or Anna. Also, do we really want our daughters to think it's cool for some guy to just kiss them when they're asleep (or dead) without gaining their consent first?

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    1937 and It Shows...

    It's a classic. Walt Disney's first princess. I personally don't care for the movie as it's doting dwarves over a pretty female who somehow needs to be saved by a prince because her evil, ugly stepmother locked her away. The movie is pretty prejudiced to me, disheartening, and boring. She's in the forest, sings a few songs, and then gets rescued. The songs aren't even that good to me. I prefer the 90s and present-day princesses over Snow White.

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  • Lippias By  Lippias    

    I love this movie!! It is sweet and beautiful!! We can go back to the past and to remember the goods things about life!!

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  • Abagailfreestuff By  Abagailfreestuff    

    Snow white is a fun and magical movie. It's a little slow and can seem boring at times but.................it's a classic. It's sweet and keeps the dreams alive in you. Makes me feel like a kid again.

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This one is a Classic and should be a part of every DVD Collection!

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  • laurlaur04 By  laurlaur04    

    Classic movie! This one is for all ages. This was one of Disney's first animated feature films and they did an amazing job!

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  • Cercee By  Cercee    

    Classic scary kid movie. :)

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  • jweston By  jweston    

    classic i have children 19 to 2 and they all love it

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    This is still such a great movie that I enjoyed very much introducing to my children when they where little and now to my grandchildren

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  • sweetmonkey8577 By  sweetmonkey8577    

    Great Disney movie!My family loves it.

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  • amberjeannetti By  amberjeannetti    

    My little girl loves this movie. I watched it when i was younger and it was one of my favorites also.

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  • Southernmotherky2 By  Southernmotherky2    

    A wonderful classic Disney movie. A bit dated but for its time it was amazing. I can remember as a kid driving my mother nuts trying to sing like Snow White. I blame it all on her since she bought the record. :)

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    The film that started it all! I love this movie. It's incredible to realize how great the animation was that long ago!

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  • cbten4 By  cbten4    

    One of my favs since I was little !! My nieces enjoy it as well !!

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