EOS  Lip Balm Sphere

EOS Lip Balm Sphere

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Every time I buy one of these, my teenage daughter steals it! She now has one in every purse so I think I'll get to keep my last one I bought! Great stuff!

this isnt the most moisterizing of lip products i have tried which wasa guite upsetting although i had the kind in the pink container rather than the green it feels very very weird on my lips and i dont like it at all! its also soooo awkward to hold!

I bought this lip balm because of a lot of the youtube people I watch said how much they love it and how good it worked for them. Just like any other product tho, it's not going to work the same for everyone. For instance, a lot of lip balms don't do anything for me and my lips get dry very easily. I love the unique packing, but a good product isn't just in the packing, the packing should be the added extra. I wish they would have put as much thought and energy into the lip balm itself, because that of course is the most important thing. Now the one I have, summer fruit, is just horrible smelling to the point that I don't want it on my lips. If I had to describe the smell, I would say it smells like cat pee, for real tho. The balm also is not moisturizing at all, on my it actually makes them dryer and made them peel more. I wouldn't recommend these to people just because they are so hit and miss.

i loved the shape and the smell of the lip balm but i found it to be a tad bulky when trying to apply it...especially on the top lip.

I saw this on sum u-tubers vids and then @ Walmart for $2.96 I want to try but have burts bees for now and is on budget

This did absolutely nothing for me except dry out my lips more. I had to re-apply it every 30 minutes or so. To me, it doesn't live up to it's hype.

I'm not really a fan of this product. It does keep lips moisturized, but doesn't do much for already chapped lips. It's size is also a downfall.

A bit too dry for my liking on lip balm. I don't even like the packaging because it is too bulky. It won't fit nicely in a small purse like my other lip balms.

The first time I tried these I was in love with the product. I thought the balm itself was weird b/c it's so big (I'm used to tubes) But i was hooked in no time. However after using exclusively for a month or so, my lips built up a "tolerance" to the lip balm & i was using way more than i was before. If i didn't apply it a hundred times a day my lips would start drying out. I slacked off on using it & my lips started cracking. I had to quilt using it, makes me sad b/c I loved the product but it's not worth it in the end.

Unfortunately not what I expected from a slightly overpriced drugstore brand. It wears off quickly, has a strong smell and, believe me, it is too sweet! I never use it, it is bulky and really takes up space. At first when you apply your lips do feel amazing, but within 20 min you've got to reapply it, and if it is hot where you live, forget, it melts off. I don't recommend this product.

I was really expecting more from this product. It actually did not hydrate my lips and left them feeling quited dry. I was very disappointed.

It is too expensive for what it is .

I didn't care for this product. Yea it's cute and all but it barely goes on my lips and doesn't moisturize them at all. Left my lips still feeling dry.

This is one of the worst lip balm's I have ever used. Not at all moisturizing!

This lip balm comes in great packaging, however, left my lips extremely dry and did not help with moisturization. Overall very disappointed since I had such high hopes.